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Premium-Quality, Herbal Solutions for Optimal Patient Outcomes

Herbal Supplements to Support Your Practice and Patients

MediHerb® is a leader in herbal supplements among health care professionals and Standard Process is their exclusive U.S. distributor. MediHerb’s success is fueled by a commitment to delivering high-quality, herbal solutions. Their supplements offer a means to health and vitality, with formulas that draw on the latest scientific evidence, as well as centuries of traditional knowledge. That’s why they are the preferred choice for many health care professionals in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Co-founded in 1986 by Professor Kerry Bone, his commitment to high-quality products continues to underpin every aspect of MediHerb.

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A Commitment to Quality at Every Step

MediHerb herbal supplements are made with only the highest-quality ingredients. They rigorously source and test all raw materials and undertake in-depth research to ensure the best herb-active constituents and clinically relevant applications. Their manufacturing and packaging facilities in Australia are world-class and certified as following good manufacturing practices (GMPs).

An unmatched commitment to quality governs all aspects of production – from sourcing to bottle – to ensure you receive the most optimal herbal extracts in the world

Pharmaceutical-quality manufacturing
Testing-identification and DNA testing of raw material
Testing and monitoring of finished goods

Herbal Sourcing

High-quality herbal supplements begin with sourcing quality herbs from around the world. We focus on:

  • Varietal selection 
  • Soil requirements 
  • Techniques of harvest


MediHerb’s manufacturing and testing process – from sourcing to finished product – guarantees the quality of their products.

  • Quality control begins even before samples arrive 
  • Five rounds of testing between sourcing and bottling

Unique Extraction Process

MediHerb utilizes a seven-day slow drip 1:2 Cold Percolation technology to preserve the full phytochemical spectrum of the herb. This process utilizes:

  • No heat or chemical solvents
  • The full spectrum of phytochemicals
  • Guaranteed minimum levels of active constituents

Clinically Relevant Doses

Standardized ingredients and quantified activity levels are tested as necessary and allow MediHerb to ensure their formulas:

  • Retain potency
  • Deliver clinically effective doses throughout their shelf life

Backed by Scientific Research

MediHerb is a global leader in herbal scientific knowledge, often collaborating on research projects with reputable establishments worldwide. They have engaged the right mix of passionate people to meet the challenge of addressing quality. This starts with understanding the key phytochemicals in each herb and how they work in the body in a complex way. Their outstanding team of industry-leading professors, naturopaths, herbalists, scientists, and researchers ensure each product is of the highest quality. 

Over 20
clinical trials have been supported by MediHerb

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MediHerb Herbal Supplements

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