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High-Quality Brands Pioneering Nutritional Breakthroughs

Healthy Soil. Healthy Plants. Healthy Lives.

For three generations, Standard Process has been dedicated to making high-quality and nutrient-dense therapeutic supplements that change lives. We work tirelessly to protect those nutrients through our organic and regenerative farming practices – bringing them to you in their bioavailable form. We apply a holistic approach to how we farm, manufacture, and protect the quality of our products. This comprehensive approach ensures that our clinical solutions deliver complex nutrients as nature intended. It’s how we define the whole food health advantage and why our nutritional supplement brands have been trusted by physicians for over 90 years.

Scientifically Driven.
Practitioner Backed. Kid Approved.

Driven by the same safety, purity and efficacy standards that go into our high-quality adult supplements, SP Children's™ products are specifically formulated to address the unique needs of young bodies. We utilize organic farming practices and cutting-edge manufacturing methods to ensure that our products deliver vital nutrients in a tasty form.

Leader in Herbal Products

MediHerb® products are developed by experts and leaders in the field of natural herbal supplements, using scientific research and years of traditional knowledge. Our supplements are made with only the highest-quality ingredients to ensure they consistently deliver optimal patient outcomes.

Veterinary Animal Supplements 

Standard Process Veterinary Formulas™ provide dogs, cats, and horses with targeted supplementation that supports their overall health and well-being. When combined with professional consultation, they can help pets and pet parents enjoy happier days and healthier years. They’re made with the same purity, safety, manufacturing, and quality standards used for our human supplements.

Consumer Pet Products

Healthy, happy pets start with good nutrition. Spirited Paw™ pet supplements are made to give your beloved animal the nutrients they need to live a spirited life. They’re backed by science and made with the same level of care that goes into every Standard Process® product

Cultivate Greatness

With all the nutrients and none of the junk, our POSSIBLE® line of performance solutions take all the best, health-promoting parts of organic whole foods and formulates them into the kind of clean nutrition your body craves. From meal replacements to workout support, POSSIBLE® offers unique, on-the-go solutions that your body will love – and so will you.

Intelligent Healthful Living® Made Simple

Our mission in continuing the legacy of Dr. Royal Lee is to offer high-quality products that optimize the complete nutritional value of food. Royal Lee Organics® includes nutrient-rich organic grains, flour mills, and recipes that help people live healthful lives.

Solutions for Science, Industry & Life

Dr. Royal Lee founded Lee Engineering in 1927 when he developed the original Lee Household Flour Mill™. His pioneering innovations in nutrition, engineering, and tooling led him to develop a flour mill for grinding his organic whole grains. He understood that the best way to deliver high-quality, nutrient-rich products, is to control the quality at every stage of the process right down to the mill it’s made with. Driven by this philosophy, he went on to found Standard Process in 1929 and set the vision for what it is today. Lee Engineering continues to be a leader in science and chemistry laboratory outfitting through the manufacturing of lattice frames for laboratories and foot controllers for electrically powered motors.

Our passion for changing lives goes into all our products. Every product we offer supports healthful living and is meticulously made to improve the quality of life for the entire family.


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