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General Wellness Supplements

High-quality nutrition is essential to maintaining a healthy body, yet busy lifestyles can make that difficult to achieve. Clinical nutrition studies show that whole food sources deliver the key nutrients needed to support positive outcomes. Explore our whole food-based, nutrient-dense, health and wellness supplements carefully formulated to support emotional balance, aid in maintaining a healthy body and weight, and more.


Catalyn, Dr. Royal Lee’s first product, supplies multiple vitamins. It contains antioxidants and vital nutrients from whole food and other sources.*


HerbaVital provides multi-action support for healthy aging and contains Japanese Knotweed, Milk Thistle, Korean Ginseng, Grape seed and Ginkgo leaf.*

SP® Power Mix

SP® Power Mix is a superfood powder that provides a whole food, plant-based blend of phytonutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, oats, and algae.

General Wellness

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