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A Better Experience for You Means a Better Experience for Your Patients

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High-Quality Ingredients and Veterinary Nutritional Supplement Consulting

The health of your practice and patients is important to us. That’s why we have such high-quality standards and offer an array of tools to help enhance your practice. Our educational resources and complimentary case consultations empower you to address the individual needs of your patients by aligning our products with your protocols. We’ll help you better understand the transformative impact that nutrition has in supporting healthy body function and how to connect that to the ideal supplements for optimal patient outcomes. 

Our resources include: 

  • Continuing education 
  • Webinars, seminars, and events 
  • Online tools and resources 
  • Virtual lunch and learns 
  • Visits by your local rep
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We’re Here For You

When you work with us to achieve your holistic goals of wellness for your patients, you get all the support you need. We help you on many levels, like identifying the best supplement combinations for individual cases, or simply gaining a better understanding of our products. We offer complimentary consultations with our in-house expert, Jody Griffiths, CVT, who is happy to help you with your technical questions. Your expertise and patient knowledge, combined with our nutritional support, can help you produce optimal outcomes for your patients.

Technical Support for Veterinary Professionals
Jody Griffiths, CVT
Phone: 888-982-8130

Jody Griffiths, CVT

Change Lives With Us

For over 90 years, we have been providing quality whole food nutrition solutions. The Standard Process Veterinary Formulas™ line was introduced in 2002. By working with with tens of thousands of health care professionals like you across the country, Standard Process has been empowering practitioners to change millions of lives for the better. 

With the support of Standard Process, you can have the confidence and expertise to: 

  • Incorporate a nutritional assessment with every patient at every visit 
  • Give individualized supplement recommendations 
  • Offer advice on creating a foundation for optimal animal health
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Downloads for Veterinary Professionals

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Animal Tissue Extract Chart


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Supplements for Whole Pet Wellness Brochure


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