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An Integrated eCommerce Solution That Provides Convenience to Your Patients and Extends Your Business Reach

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We Connect Patients with the Supplements They Need

At Standard Process, our health care practitioner relationships have always been about changing lives together. That’s why we created inSITE™ – a customizable website template that enables you to sell Standard Process and MediHerb® products right from your own website. It makes it convenient for both your current and prospective patients to access and buy their own nutritional supplements while helping you grow your business. And we manage all the logistics – making it easy for everyone.

How It Works

An inSITE eCommerce template site enables you to sell Standard Process products from your website with no tech or web experience required. Step-by-step directions guide you through the easy set up process. inSITE templates are customizable to reflect your business – choose your color palette, display photos of your practice and practitioners, write a bio, upload your logo, and add social profiles. You can even choose which products you would like to offer. The rest is simple, because all the logistics and technical requirements are managed for you by Standard Process. Available to health care practitioners who qualify for an inSITE account.

Benefits of inSITE

Offer easy access for both patients and prospective patients to buy and manage nutritional supplements from your website, with delivery straight to their door.

Customize the site to reflect your brand by choosing your own colors, photos, logos, bio, social profiles, and available products.

Simplify sales and ordering with no logistics management or inventory to worry about. We handle orders, transactions, fulfillment, returns, and shipping.

Gain full visibility into customer orders and your revenue using built-in reporting functions.

inSITE Welcome Kit

Once you're approved for an inSITE account, we will provide you with an inSITE Welcome Kit that includes marketing tools to help you inform your current and prospective patients about your new service.

inSITE is only available to qualifying health care practitioners. Once you qualify, we’ll reach out and help you complete the application process.  

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