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We Are Driven by Quality Because Your Safety and Health Depend On It

High-Quality Supplements From a Company That Cares

Our mission has always been to change lives, and we dedicate ourselves to doing things the right way. That’s how we show that we care at Standard Process. Our commitment to quality starts with our people, and is furthered through our investment in the equipment and processes we put into place to ensure everything is done to the highest of standards. That’s what makes us different from anyone else. We are also vertically integrated, which allows us to manage the quality, safety, consistency, potency, and purity of our products from raw materials handling to packaging and shipping. We stand by the quality of our products because we handle what goes into them every step of the way.

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Quality Control from Soil to Supplement

Testing and preserving the whole food-based complex is, and always has been, our top priority. To account for real-world variability inherent in safeguarding the nutritional integrity of our ingredients, we apply a holistic approach to how we farm, source, manufacture, and quality-assure our products.

Organic and Regenerative Farming

Ingredients grown on our certified organic farm give us control over the quality of our final product. For items we can’t grow on our farm, we have an extensive, rigorous system of supplier auditing and validation done in-house. This allows us to provide products that have been controlled, tested, and verified from beginning to end.


From grinding and mixing through binding and packaging, our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and processes are designed to ensure the safety, quality, and consistency of our final products every step of the way.


We are problem solvers by nature, and continue to push the limits of nutrition science forward through our first-of-its-kind Nutrition Innovation Center. We also continue to lead in advanced growing, harvesting and processing methods, and technologies in our certified organic farm.

There’s No Such Thing as Too Safe

We meet the FDA regulations for 21 CFR Part 111 as well as all state USDA regulations. We also enforce our own exceptionally high internal guidelines to ensure our promise of high-quality nutritional supplementation.

Changing Lives is Not Easy, but We’re Committed to the Challenge

When you’re passionate about what you do, it shows in the quality of your work. That’s true for every employee here, from our quality control scientists to our teams on the shipping floor.

Tightly Controlled Processes Keep a Focus on Quality, Safety, and Consistency

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Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team is responsible for our quality management process. They define standards and put processes in place to ensure that all quality requirements are able to be fulfilled to meet both internal and external specifications.

Quality Control

To validate that we meet requirements, each batch is tested four times. Every week, our scientists run as many as 2,100 tests using analytical methods approved by nationally recognized evaluative bodies, including the AOAC and USP. We use a number of methods, including FTIR, HPTLC, HPLC, and wet chemistry, to identify incoming raw materials and in-process materials and qualify them based on consistency, potency, and purity.

Quality Audits

This is our checks and balances system that ensures compliance to all quality assurance requirements. We carefully vet our suppliers for qualification and quality. Planned site visits are conducted 12-14 times per year based on risk analysis. Our purchasing department evaluates on-time delivery, customer service, invoicing, and more.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Standard Process’ quality control department has fully validated and implemented the Laboratory Integrated Management System (LIMS), Nexxis iLAB by Labtronics. The system allows for a centralized storage location for all data analysis conducted by the laboratory. This implementation has improved data analysis by ensuring quality and accuracy of results, providing real time data retrieval, preventing data errors, automating manual calculations, and allowing for lab data to be accessed throughout the facility.


Our chemists perform multiple assays to guarantee that our products meet or exceed label claims and to ensure the viability of the product through its “best used by” date using state-of-the-art instrumentation in testing raw materials and final product mixes. They also run many tests, including vitamin C, vitamins B1 and B2, pepsin, bile salts, water activity, moisture, carotene, iodine, phosphorus, and chloride. Such testing capabilities allow Standard Process to verify the identity, purity, and strength of our products and their raw materials.


Our microbiologists perform pathogen testing on every product batch to ensure the products are safe to continue to the next stage of production. Testing is conducted on all facets of the manufacturing process, including raw materials, mixing, milling, tableting, capsuling, and packaging. Raw materials are only released to the next stage of production upon verification that the material or product has passed all testing requirements.

Traceability and Trust

Our traceability process helps Standard Process follow raw materials from our fields and our suppliers, through production, to the customer. This process underscores our commitment to safety and quality.

We use lot codes to trace the origins of the sourced ingredients found in each of our products. All ingredient data is captured in a final lot code that is printed on the package. Our laboratory information management systems assist our quality control team in monitoring those ingredients throughout our entire process to ensure our high standard of quality is consistently maintained.

Data from the ingredients grown on our farm is also captured and printed on the package. From the code on the bottle, we can tell where the seed was purchased, the macro-and micro-nutritional health of the soil in which the seed was grown, and which tractor and employee cultivated the field. We can follow the entire process for that particular crop – ensuring its purity and safety every step of the way.