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Together We Are Changing Lives

From Our Family to Yours

There Is a Holistic Synergy in Everything We Do

At Standard Process, we go to great lengths to fulfill our mission of changing lives – from cultivating nutrient-dense soil on our certified organic farm to formulating new products at our Nutrition Innovation Center. Our unwavering focus on quality and testing allows us to manage the purity, safety, and consistency of our supplements. We stand by our quality by ensuring what goes into our products every step of the way with our vertically integrated processes. We then work with our practitioners to ensure the best outcomes for their patients.

Changing Lives

“At Standard Process, we make products that change people’s lives. The impact that we can have on so many people around the country is what makes our work here so special.”

Charlie DuBois, President & CEO

Our Passion and Family Run Deep

Standard Process is a multi-generational, family-owned and operated, nutritional supplement company for over 90 years. Here, family is at the heart of everything we do – and family includes everyone – employees, health care practitioners, patients, and their families and pets, too. From our founder, Dr. Royal Lee, to today’s President & CEO, Charlie DuBois, we have forged purposeful relationships that have been collaborative and mutually driven by our shared passion for changing lives. Explore our timeline here.

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Good Health Comes from Good Nutrition

From our inception, Dr. Royal Lee recognized the negative impact the Standard American Diet had on overall health. He believed that processed foods depleted our food sources of the rich nutrition once found in them. He understood that good health comes from good nutrition, and the best nutrition comes from whole foods. Dr. Lee dedicated his life to perfecting the production of whole food-based supplements from the soil used to grow crops to the manufacturing processes used to create the supplement – Standard Process has always focused on putting vitality into every bottle.

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Charlie DuBois

President & CEO

Charlie DuBois started his career at Standard Process in 1983 doing various summer jobs, including hand-weeding the beet fields on the farm. In 1986, while studying electrical engineering at Marquette University (Marquette), Charlie had the opportunity to help design the Standard Process manufacturing plant in Palmyra. He graduated from Marquette in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and joined Standard Process full time in 1989 as a plant engineer. Charlie spent the next several years managing the engineering side of the production facility. In 1993, he became Executive Vice President until 1995 when he was elected President by the Board of Directors. In 1996, the DuBois family became the third generation to own Standard Process, with Charlie carrying on the legacy of his great uncle, Dr. Royal Lee. 

Charlie completed his Master of Science in engineering management from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1998. He is honored to lead a company that is committed to carrying out Dr. Royal Lee's whole food philosophy so that health care professionals and their patients will continue to receive the best in whole food nutrition.

The Future of Standard Process

From Dr. Royal Lee down to Charlie DuBois, Standard Process has been family-owned for over 90 years. It will continue on with the next generation of DuBois children.

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Our Corporate Values

At Standard Process, we take a holistic approach to everything we do – from the way we develop our products to the way we interact with the people and the world around us. Our mission to change lives is driven by our values:


By fostering the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health of customers and employees


By emphasizing the importance of concentrated whole food-based ingredient sources and herbs in the product line


By ensuring the highest quality in every stage of development, from farming through shipping


By utilizing environmentally safe farming, manufacturing, and business practices


By preserving and strengthening the company for all future generations