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Over 90 Years and Just Getting Started

A History of Quality and Commitment

Standard Process was founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee who committed his life to advancing health through whole food nutrition. Our multi-generational business, now led by President & CEO, Charlie DuBois, carries on Dr. Lee’s legacy. We apply a holistic approach to how we farm, manufacture, and protect the quality of our products. This comprehensive approach ensures that our nutritional supplements deliver complex nutrients as close to nature as possible.

We are one of the few supplement manufacturers that grows many of our own raw materials organically and sustainably. We use state-of-the-art processes to retain vital nutrients within our ingredients and are proud that both our farm and production facility are certified organic. Our first-of-its-kind Nutrition Innovation Center supports our efforts with invaluable insights that validate current practices and inspire innovation.

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We Invest Heavily in Our People, Processes, and Innovation

Because We Care About High-Quality Nutrition

Organic & Regenerative Farming

The great majority of our raw plant ingredients are grown and carefully monitored on our 623-acre certified organic farm.


Our world-class manufacturing facility and vertical integration processes safeguard nutrients every step of the way.


The Standard Process Nutrition Innovation Center offers a clinical research center that inspires a new era of innovation in nutrition science.

A Culture of Family, Health, and Fun

At Standard Process, we value family and health above all. Our unique wellness program features on-site chiropractic care, life coach, nutrition education, a generous supplement allowance, daycare, fitness center, and a wide range of fitness activities. Employees are seen as a member of our family and are given tools and opportunities to succeed at work and in life.

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Our Brands Advance Health Through Whole Food Nutrition

There’s a holistic synergy to everything we do at Standard Process. Our brands include a comprehensive offering of high-quality products that collectively support your entire family on their journey to optimal health.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutrients find their potency at their source. Standard Process offers nutrient-dense supplements, many of which include ingredients cultivated right here on our certified organic farm.

Supplements for Children

Our high-quality children’s supplements made with whole food-based ingredients provide safe, age-specific nutrition in a kid-friendly format. Their unique formulations are scientifically driven to provide targeted nutrition the way nature intended.

Herbal Supplements

MediHerb® products draw on the latest scientific research as well as centuries of traditional knowledge to provide high-quality herbal supplements that are safe and deliver consistent results.

Veterinary-Quality Animal Supplements

Using the same meticulous processes and ingredients found in our human supplements, our dog, cat, and equine products provide effective, targeted nutritional support for the beloved animals in your life.

Consumer-Focused Pet Products

Healthy, happy pets start with good nutrition. Spirited Paw™ pet supplements are made to give your beloved animal the nutrients they need to live a spirited life. They’re backed by science and made with the same level of care that goes into every Standard Process® product.

Active Lifestyle Nutrition

POSSIBLE® is a line of whole food products that are scientifically designed to help everyone from dedicated adventurers to everyday athletes follow their dreams and reach new levels.

Products for the Family

Continuing the legacy of Dr. Royal Lee, Standard Process maintains an unwavering commitment to healthful living. Royal Lee Organics® offers a wide variety of unprocessed, certified organic whole grain foods.