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Taking Care of the Resources Nature Gave Us

Committed to Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability and environmental stewardship have always been an important aspect of operations at Standard Process. Because living a healthy lifestyle starts with healthy foods, and healthy foods start with a healthy environment. This commitment goes far beyond our organic and regenerative farming practices. It extends into the ways we can conserve energy, water, and create less waste on our farm, in our manufacturing plant, and at our corporate headquarters. We believe in making an impact on the environment by committing to doing things the right way – the health of the planet and future generations depends on it.

Organic Farming

Green Tier Recognition

Standard Process is proud to be recognized by the State of Wisconsin for our sustainability efforts. The Green Tier program recognizes companies that distinguish themselves as environmental innovators and demonstrate a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability beyond simply maintaining a good environmental compliance record. By accepting Standard Process into the program, the state of Wisconsin not only recognizes our sustainability efforts and accomplishments, but also our overall commitment to expanding our sustainability program.

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Composting Practices

Composting is nature’s way of recycling, and we consider it to be invaluable. The base of our compost is 100% certified organic vegetative matter from our farm. Composting not only increases fertility and soil health on the farm, but it highlights our commitment to sustainability by keeping more than 2 million pounds of byproduct solids out of landfills annually. At our farm, we transform whole food green plant material into black gold.

Our Farm

Water Conservation

Over the past few years, we have implemented water reduction measures that have reduced annual water usage. Wastewater generation and water disposal have also been reduced on both the farm and in the manufacturing facility. In total, we have saved more than 5 million gallons of water and reduced wastewater discharge by 6 million gallons since 2014.

Manufacturing Facility

Environmental Responsibility

Lighting Efficiencies

One important way we’re conserving energy in our manufacturing facility and offices is through the use of energy-efficient lighting and lighting systems that use over 70 percent less energy. We’ve also installed sensors that keep lights off when they are not needed. We further reduce energy by using LED lamps and passive lighting – which makes use of available light and consumes half the energy of fluorescent lighting.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Waste reduction and recycling play an important role in our sustainability efforts across the Standard Process facilities. 

  • A reduction in the amount of cardboard used in our shipping process has resulted in a consumption and waste reduction of 100,000 square feet per year. 
  • Water from the boiler feedwater system is reused in cooling towers, reducing water usage and wastewater generation by 500,000 gallons per year. 
  • 200 tons per year of waste byproduct solids are sent to a rendering company for conversion to other usable raw materials. 
  • Over 200 pounds of disposable gloves were recycled during the first year of the program.

Energy Savings

Over the past several years, we worked hard at reducing energy, starting with lowering our electrical usage for each bottle packaged by more than 15 percent since 2011. We have now saved 13 million kilowatt-hours of electricity in total. By focusing on small changes at the farm – such as sensors to keep lights and equipment off when not in use, adjustments to ensure equipment efficiency, and sourcing products that are low energy – we continue to make huge strides in reductions in our energy consumption.

As a result of our efforts,
our carbon emissions have
been reduced by nearly
metric tons

since 2010

We Strive to Leave the Earth Better Than We Found It

Corporate sustainability is an ongoing commitment to minimize our impact on the earth, keeping it as healthy as we can, not just today, but for generations to come. We are always looking for innovative ways to ensure we are operating as efficiently and environmentally responsible as possible – improving on current efforts as well as finding new ones. Some of our newer efforts include:

  • Reviewing all plastic sheeting waste for recycling potential 
  • Identifying new, environmentally friendly utensil options for our Whole Food Court 
  • Developing plans for a solar energy system that could serve the Welcome Center at the Standard Process farm