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Supplements for Health Care Providers Who Take a Holistic Approach to Patient Care

Today, the relationship between food and a healthy body is more important than ever due to the lack of nutrients found in the standard American diet. Making our high-quality, safe, whole food-based nutritional supplementation available to your patients is a great way to complement your practice – helping you to balance the body with the nutrients it needs for optimal functionality. We welcome you to a new way of growing your business by joining our family and community of caring professionals as we journey toward advancing holistic health care, together.

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We're Here for You

When you join our community of more than 60,000 other like-minded health care professionals and veterinarians across the country who have collaborated with Standard Process, you take on more than a product line – you take on a mission to change lives for the better. A relationship with Standard Process offers networking opportunities, plus an array of educational resources and tools to help you learn as well as grow your practice. From eCommerce platforms and on-demand webinars to personalized technical support, being an account holder elevates your practice on many levels.

Relationships of the Highest Regard

We’ve always valued our relationships with our practitioners. They are like our extended family and we know them on a personal level. The insights our health care professionals and veterinarians share are critical to what we do. They inspire us to collaborate, innovate, and continue to pioneer the nutritional supplementation of the future. But, more than that, they are like our extended family. And it’s pretty amazing.

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Sell Standard Process Using One of Two Convenient eCommerce Platforms

At Standard Process, our connections have always been about working together to change lives. Your success is important to us because we care about the health and well-being of your patients and your practice. That’s why we offer two convenient product sales platform options designed for an even better patient experience. No matter which option you choose, we manage all the logistics – making it easy for everyone.


inSITE provides a convenient eCommerce web template that links directly to your existing site. You can customize the look to reflect your brand while offering your choice of high-quality Standard Process products. Current and prospective patients can order at their convenience and have their products shipped directly to their home.

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Patient Direct

Patient Direct offers patients a convenient way to order your recommended products on the Standard Process website, using an access code you approve. It allows you to offer your current patients your recommendations from our full line of Standard Process and MediHerb® products – giving your patients a convenient way to order their supplements with delivery straight to their door.

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Supplement Fulfillment

Supplement Fulfillment provides a simple way for practitioners to ship our supplements directly to patients. This direct-to-patient fulfillment gives practitioners an opportunity to easily offer Standard Process supplements for their patients' health needs, even if they don't stock our products. Currently, we have relationships with Fullscript (Natural Partners), Kaerwell, Doctors Supplement Store, Penn Veterinary Supply, Inc., and Victor Medical Company.

Advanced Education

The Nutrition Innovation Center brings together health care practitioners for learning opportunities through collaborative educational events on site and at our farm, online learning through WholisticMatters, and events offering Continuing Education (CE) credits. Our education team fosters peer-to-peer collaboration by utilizing the professional learning center and clinics of the Nutrition Innovation Center to advance nutrition education and training.


WholisticMatters offers clinically driven nutrition insights you can trust to be balanced, credible, and reliable. Collaborating with some of the world’s most influential clinical investigators and institutions, WholisticMatters is designed to keep you current in nutrition practices that help improve health outcomes. It provides interactive tools and valuable information for holistic, integrative, and functional health care approaches that use nutrition therapy.

On-Demand Webinars

Knowledge empowers you to grow and introduce new ways of thinking and achieve peak health for patients. We provide you the opportunity to learn from industry experts on a range of topics in our ongoing series of educational webinars. From product and ingredient innovations to body system insights, to discussions about various health conditions, we help to keep you informed.


Attending events is not only a good way to expand your knowledge but also a great way to meet peers and share insights and learnings. Standard Process supports, attends, and sponsors a number of events throughout the year offering you valuable opportunities to participate and get inspired. You can also earn Continuing Education (CE) credits and participate in a hands-on farm tour. Contact us to learn more.

Resource Library

Find all the tools and resources you need to help grow your business, right here in one convenient place – from in-office display signage to patient brochures, practice tools, and promotional items. Standard Process makes it easy for you to confidently integrate our high-quality products into your practice while also helping you educate and guide your patients to peak health.

Veterinary Tools

With the added support of vet-specific tools, veterinary professionals have the confidence and expertise to incorporate a nutritional assessment with every patient at every visit, give individualized supplement recommendations, and offer advice on creating a foundation for optimal animal health.