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A New Era in Nutrition Innovation

Fueled by Innovation

Nutrition Research Driven by Our Commitment to Change Lives

At Standard Process, we’ve always been driven to excellence in our efforts to change lives through whole food nutrition. It started with our founder, Dr. Royal Lee, a born inventor and innovator. Today, we continue to elevate that commitment by investing in areas such as our Nutrition Innovation Center, advanced technologies on our farm, and valuable relationships that help us advance within the nutritional science field.

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A First-of-its-Kind Nutrition Science, Technology, and Research Center

Headquartered at the North Carolina Research Center in Kannapolis, the Standard Process Nutrition Innovation Campus opened in early 2018 and is dedicated to developing and testing new products and solutions for health care practitioners and patients. The Nutrition Innovation Center not only inspires innovation, it also validates our whole food philosophy with scientifically based evidence. It is a place where corporations, universities, and health care organizations are able to forge a public-private partnership that is transforming science at the intersection of human health and nutrition. We built the Nutrition Innovation Center to help us impact and change healthcare in the United States through nutrition therapy.

Explore Our Nutrition Innovation Center

Our 15,623 square-foot clinical research facility is designed for the advancement of nutrition science specific to the whole food health advantage.

“The Nutrition Innovation Center is the catalyst for our new era of innovation. It is the leading and active clinical research center of its kind, fully dedicated to supporting the present and future needs of natural health care practitioners and their practices by focusing on clinical outcomes in therapeutic care as well as product-specific benefits and outcomes.”

Charlie DuBois, President & CEO

Discovery Lab

Using our in-house, state-of-the-art capabilities, we are conducting innovative research on the targeted effects of plant phytonutrients on human health. In addition to researching plant phytonutrients, the current focus in Discovery has been focused on the effects of nutrients and metabolism of whole foods on human metabolism to optimize health.


The Nutrition Innovation Center offers clinical development and research programs designed to advance whole-person care. It brings together health care practitioners to drive learning opportunities through events, online education through, and offers complimentary Continuing Education (CE) credits. Our Education Team fosters peer-to-peer collaboration by utilizing the clinics of the Nutrition Innovation Center to advance nutrition education and training. Clinical research is focused on understanding improvement to human health based upon supplementation through measurement of clinical biomarkers and other objective patient data and records. The clinical team also helps provide understanding of formulations and raw materials for effective supplement design.

Science Kitchen

The Standard Process Science Kitchen is a hub for our product innovation and development. By better understanding the science behind food, our Science Kitchen helps people to more easily adapt whole food nutrition into their daily lifestyles through supplements, food-related products, and Standard Process Veterinary Formulas™.

Nutritional Innovations and Insights That Inform the Way We Farm

By working with our Research & Development teams at the Nutrition Innovation Center, our farm team is able to apply learnings that inform the crops we grow, down to the plant strains. Our research also provides us with organic farming insights that we share with our colleagues and community to help advance organic agriculture as a whole. 

Clinical insights have also allowed us to optimize drying times, extract types, and ingredient processing techniques that can contribute to health benefits. State-of-the-art technology also helps us to better understand the levels of nutrient density in our crops and determine the ideal strains for our ingredients based on their abilities to support unique health needs.

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