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An Online Ordering Platform That Offers a More Convenient Way for Patients to Access Your Recommended Products

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Connect Patients with the Supplements They Need

At Standard Process, providing high-quality nutritional and herbal supplements to support the health of your patients is essential to our mission. Making our supplements easily accessible while preserving the relationship between patient and health care professional is at the core of that mission. That’s why we offer Patient Direct – an online ordering platform that helps you connect your current patients, under your supervision, with the Standard Process and MediHerb® nutritional supplements they need.

How It Works

Patient Direct offers an efficient way to offer online ordering without the need for any additional technology or training. Once you have registered for a Patient Direct account, you will receive an access code that you can share with patients. They can use this code on our website to order the Standard Process and MediHerb® products selected by you. With your approved account, you will also have access to marketing tools, reporting, and resources to support your business. To help you keep the focus on your patients, all of the logistics and technical requirements – and inventory – for Patient Direct are managed for you by Standard Process.

Benefits of Patient Direct

Offer easy access to your supplement recommendations on the Standard Process website, with delivery straight to the patient’s door.

Offer patients the ease of 24/7 ordering while still maintaining the relationship between patient and health care professional.

Simplify sales and ordering with no logistics management or inventory to worry about. We handle orders, transactions, fulfillment, returns, and shipping.

Gain full visibility into customer orders and your revenue using built-in reporting functions – all from your current Standard Process account. No additional login on your part is required.

Patient Direct Resources

Once you've applied and are approved for an account, you will have access to resources that will help you inform your patients about your new service and support them in using the program, including: 

  • Patient brochure 
  • Email content 
  • Social media post 
  • Patient Direct logo file 
  • Patient FAQs
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