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Whole Food-Based Supplements to Help Your Pet Live a Spirited Life

Unleash Vitality With The Power of Whole Foods

We believe that the key to your dog or cat living a long, healthy and spirited life begins with good nutrition. Spirited Paw™ whole food-based pet supplements are designed to enrich your pet’s quality of life by filling nutrient needs that are not addressed by diet alone.

Caring for our pets’ health the way we do our own

Because our pets are an important part of the family, our pet supplements are made with human-quality ingredients that work the way nature intended to help pets thrive through every stage of life.

Whole food-based supplements

Science-driven, proprietary formulas

Pet-friendly flavors and formats

850+ acre certified organic farm

Healthy Soil. Healthy Plants. Healthy Pets.

Building a strong foundation with the right diet and support can help your pets maintain optimal health – so you can enjoy the best quality of life together.