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MediHerb®, an Australian company, is a leader in herbal products for health care professionals in the United States. MediHerb’s success is fueled by an unwavering commitment to delivering premium-quality, efficacious herbal solutions for optimal patient outcomes.*

Standard Process is the exclusive U.S. Distributor of MediHerb

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MediHerb Quality Herbal Products

MediHerb products are developed by experts and leaders in the field of herbal therapy, drawing on the latest scientific evidence, as well as centuries of traditional knowledge. The positive health results achieved are the strongest possible evidence of their potency and superiority. The aim is to get your patients back to optimum health and enhance their well-being for the long term. MediHerb’s wide range of products can powerfully enhance health and vitality. Whether you’re managing short-term issues or need long-term support, these natural therapies can deliver dramatic positive effects.

MediHerb herbal solutions reflect the company’s philosophy and commitment to quality, purity and high manufacturing standards.

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Adrenal Complex
Adrenal Tonic Phytosynergist®
Albizia 1:2
Albizia Complex
Andrographis Complex
Artemisinin Complex
Ashwagandha 1:1
Ashwagandha Complex
Astragalus 1:2
Astragalus Complex
Bacopa 1:2
Bacopa Complex
Berberine Active
Bilberry 6000mg
Black Cohosh 1:2
Black Cumin Seed Forte
Black Walnut Hulls 1:10
Bone Complex
Boswellia Complex
Broncafect Phytosynergist®
Bugleweed 1:2
Bupleurum 1:2
Burdock 1:2
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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.