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Standard Process

Our time-tested formulas with whole food ingredients provide safe, effective, high-quality nutritional support. Available thorough health care professionals, our products promote a better quality of life for patients.

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MediHerb provides health care professionals with effective, superior herbal products that unlock the healing power of plants by combining traditional knowledge with sound clinical experience and scientific research.

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Our supplements made with whole food ingredients support whole pet wellness These research-supported formulas synergistically and systemically deliver nutritional complexity, as nature intended.

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Purification Program

The Standard Process Purification Program is a structured program that helps patients cleanse and build healthy lifestyle habits. This 21-day program purifies, nourishes, and helps maintain healthy weight. 4 different Purification Program kits let you target the right cleanse for the right patient. The Program comes with a helpful guide to keep your patients on track and explain detoxification and how the body transitions during a cleanse.

Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Supplements

Vegetarian and gluten-free supplements are listed for the convenience of individuals with dietary restrictions.

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Supplement Selection Guide

The Product Selection Guide lists Standard Process products in order of significance with respect to the target body systems and functions.

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Key Ingredient Cross-Reference

This ingredient list can be helpful if you are looking for a supplement with a specific ingredient. Standard Process products are listed below key Standard Process ingredients according to the amount of ingredient present per perle, capsule, tablet, wafer, etc.

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A-C Carbamide®
Adrenal Complex
Adrenal Desiccated
Adrenal Tonic Phytosynergist®
A-F Betafood®
Albizia 1:2
Albizia Complex
Andrographis Complex
Artemisinin Complex
Ashwagandha 1:1
Ashwagandha Complex
Astragalus 1:2
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