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General Health and Wellness Supplements

High-quality nutrition is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Yet, in a busy world, it is often the first thing that gets overlooked. Clinical nutrition studies show that positive health and wellness trajectories can be maintained with a high-quality diet and that whole food sources deliver the key nutrients needed to support positive outcomes. Explore Standard Process wellness supplements to learn which products support emotional balance, maintaining a healthy body and weight, and more.

Our Most Popular Supplements

Daily Fundamentals - General Health

General Health Daily Fundamentals provide convenient foundational maintenance support to help patients maintain optimal health.*


Catalyn, Dr. Royal Lee’s first product, contains vital nutrients from whole food and other sources.

Calcium Lactate

Calcium Lactate supports absorption of calcium and magnesium.*

E-Z Mg™

E-Z Mg is a plant-based, multiform organic magnesium (Mg) supplement developed to support patients with inadequate dietary magnesium intake.*

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