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Standard Process Develops First-of-Its-Kind GI Stability Supplement to Support a Healthy Microbiome*

Unique Formulation Combines Prebiotic 2’-FL and Whole Food Ingredients


Palmyra, WI – July 7, 2020 – Standard Process, a leader in making whole food-based supplements, has developed a first-of-its kind supplement, GI Stability™, which is an innovative formula of of 2’-Fucosyllactose (2’-FL), Collinsonia root and whole food ingredients beet and okra powder. GI Stability helps support a healthy gut microbiome, feeds the growth of beneficial bacteria^ and may help support the immune system*. This is the first time the 2’-FL prebiotic is available in an easily chewable wafer form and has been combined with whole food ingredients for a holistic approach to digestive system support.
“GI Stability is a cutting-edge digestive health product with a unique combination of functional ingredients – an herb called Collinsonia root, whole food components beetroot and okra, and the latest microbiome-targeting prebiotic, 2’-FL,” said Weston Bussler, Ph.D. nutrition scientist at Standard Process. “2’-FL selectively feeds a small number of good bacteria, which pairs nicely with the whole food ingredients of beetroot and okra in the formula as staples of a healthy diet. GI Stability builds on the rich history at Standard Process of developing the latest advances in nutrition support.”
The prebiotic carbohydrate 2’-FL is a unique Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO) that resists digestion and moves directly to the lower GI tract, where it becomes effective in feeding select bacteria and positively interacting with microbes1. HMOs are complex glycans that are present at very high concentrations in human breast milk, and contribute to the benefits of breast-feeding that are linked to long-term development, immune protection, and microbial population cultivation. These benefits are not exclusive to infants, though. GI Stability is a great source for targeted prebiotic action that contributes to a healthy microbiome and may provide immune system support.* One study shows that 2’-FL helps support the growth of beneficial bacteria in adults2. Formulating 2’-FL in GI Stability helps support a healthy microbiome and immune system*.

Proper elimination is important for supporting well-being and normal GI function. In GI Stability, the 2’-FL prebiotic is combined with Collinsonia root, a traditional herb which has been historically utilized to support normal elimination and various digestive health conditions. GI Stability also includes whole food ingredients from beet and okra to support the digestive system.
The microbiome plays many roles in helping our body stay healthy, among which it is involved in front-line defense as part of the immune system. Our immune defenses rely on a healthy gut microbiome since it influences the development and production of immune cells, and by helping to regulate local GI and systemic immune system responses. Sustaining these microbes and supporting the cells that make up the GI lining with selective prebiotics are essential for GI support in the face of acute and chronic GI stress. GI Stability contains a prebiotic (2’-FL) that feeds beneficial bacteria, and can help support a healthy microbiome*.
Factors that often have a negative effect on the microbiome include, but are not limited to, antibiotic use, dietary changes, short-term travel, stress, and environmental toxins. GI Stability is designed for both everyday and acute gastrointestinal needs. When faced with acute GI support needs in the short-term, patients should take six wafers per day for two weeks. For long-term maintenance, patients should take two chewable wafers per day.
“GI Stability provides both acute and long-term digestive support for patients,” said Dr. Bussler. “The new supplement also synergizes with many of our current products.”
Standard Process has a number of products that can be used in tandem with GI Stability for whole system support:

  • ChelaCo – Elimination support: Contains hawthorn, milk thistle seed and garlic, all herbs traditionally used to provide general detoxification support*.
  • Epimune Complex – Immune system support: A vegan immune system support supplement designed to help the immune system stand up to challenges*.
  • Whole Food Fiber – Diverse microbiome support: A good source of fiber from nutrient-rich whole foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and beets*.
  • ProSynbiotic – Probiotic support: A synergistic blend of four research-supported probiotic strains and two prebiotic fibers to support gut flora and overall intestinal health*.

For more information about GI Stability and a holistic approach to supporting patients’ healthy gut microbiome, please visit


^To date, shown in multiple animal studies, infants, and one adult human study.

1 Gibson, G.R., et al. Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol, 2017. 14(8): p. 491-502

2 Elison, E., et al. Br J Nutr, 2016. 116(8): p. 1356-1368.

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