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Standard Process Launches SP Children’s™ Immune

Delivers key nutrients for proper immune system functioning and development


Palmyra, WI – (June 14, 2022) – Standard Process®, a leading whole food-based nutritional supplement company based in Wisconsin, has expanded its offerings with SP Children’s™ Immune: a new product that is intended to meet the particular needs of children ages 4 and older. It will be driven by the same safety, purity, and efficacy standards that have been utilized by the company’s adult supplements for more than 90 years.

“We’ve been advancing health through high-quality, whole food-based nutritional supplements since 1929,” said Standard Process President and CEO Charlie DuBois. “The quality and longevity of our solutions make us uniquely qualified to help support children’s health. It’s a natural extension of our whole food philosophy.”

SP Children’s™ Immune features key nutrients for proper immune system functioning and development.* It’s a chewable supplement that is an excellent source of vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc; contains whole food-based ingredients such as organic beet root from the Standard Process certified organic farm; and draws flavor from organic whole strawberry and elderberry. 

“I’m so excited that we get to change lives for the next generation,” DuBois said. “The trust we’ve established with health care practitioners and their patients puts us in a wonderful position to enhance our children-specific support.”

SP Children’s™ Immune provides ingredients that may support the GI tract, which is the body’s largest immune organ. They include 2’-FL, which is a novel prebiotic carbohydrate first identified in human milk and the most abundant human milk oligosaccharide. Because 2’-FL is able to resist digestion, it can effectively reach the lower GI tract where it is broken down to feed the growth of beneficial microbes.*^ 

“Proper nutrition is very important for helping children develop their immune systems,” said Weston Bussler, Ph.D. and Nutrition Scientist at Standard Process. “We designed SP Children’s™ Immune to deliver a number of critical nutrients necessary to support a developing immune system.”

The product also contains 500mg of bovine colostrum, standardized to offer concentrated immunoglobulins from a whole food source (cow’s milk). 

“It is important for children’s products to deliver adequate gut support because of its important role in the development of the immune system,” Bussler said. “The inclusion of these ingredients helps to distinguish SP Children’s™ Immune from other children-focused supplements.”

Along with all other Standard Process products, SP Children’s™ Immune is available for purchase at

^To date, shown in multiple animal studies, infants, and one adult human study.



About Standard Process Inc. 

Standard Process is a family-owned, third-generation company that has been a leader in making whole food-based supplements since 1929. From the company’s certified organic farm at its Palmyra, Wisconsin headquarters; to the Nutrition Innovation Center in Kannapolis, North Carolina; Standard Process is committed to clinical science that advances health and changes lives through whole food-based nutrition. Using regenerative farming practices and advanced manufacturing technologies designed to protect the vital nutrients found in each ingredient, Standard Process produces both raw materials and more than 300 high-quality supplements in its certified organic manufacturing facility. For more information about Standard Process and to find a health care professional who sells Standard Process products, visit