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The Standard Process Research and Development Team generates high-quality research through cell, animal, and human studies, to expand our knowledge of how complex mixtures, like supplements made with whole food ingredients, support health.


Innovation Is Our Standard

Leading clinical innovation has been the focus of Standard Process for nearly 90 years. Today this commitment continues with the Standard Process Center of Excellence.

The center is designed to deliver new clinical advances and insights in nutrition therapy. A dedicated innovation center, the facility includes a range of research and development activity encompassing discovery of new natural health solutions, clinical development, product development, food science, and even the industry’s only dedicated media learning facility for practitioner education.

Opening in November 2017, the Center of Excellence is located at the prestigious North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis, North Carolina, and will be led by John Troup, PhD, Standard Process vice president of clinical science, education, and innovation. The Standard Process facility is the only innovation and clinical research center of its kind in the nutrition industry, being fully dedicated to supporting the needs of natural health care professionals by focusing on clinical outcomes in therapeutic care as well as specific benefits and outcomes of whole food clinical nutrition. The center will serve as an active site that advances holistic, integrative, and functional medicine for all practitioners.

The center’s work will bring forward the legacy of our first innovator, Standard Process founder Dr. Royal Lee, by advancing clinical practices based on the whole food health advantage.

Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence will house four major program functions, including:

  1. Discovery innovation research focused on preclinical, systems biology, and cell models that advance information on targeted effects of phytonutrients and nutritional solutions
  2. A clinical development and research program defined by a national coalition of collaborating clinical research sites that establishes a network for practice-based and case-observation studies conducted on a national basis
  3. A professional media and learning center that will provide the most advanced educational tools and capabilities available to advance practitioner education and training
  4. The Clinic of the Future, an integrative clinical practice bringing together multiple credentialed health professionals at one site

Look for more information soon about the Center of Excellence as the official opening approaches.

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Clinical Research

We design, conduct, and fund human research to expand knowledge of how complex mixtures (like whole foods) support health. We work with academic, medical, and contract research organizations to establish the activity of Standard Process® supplements in healthy human subjects.

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Discovery Science

We use the latest instrumentation and laboratory techniques to analyze products and raw materials for internal decision making and external publication of results in peer-reviewed journals.

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Published Research

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