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Colin O'Brady Visits Standard Process Inc. to Celebrate Fourth World Record


Palmyra, WI (February 19, 2019) – Professional endurance athlete Colin O’Brady recently visited Standard Process Inc. to celebrate achieving his fourth world record in partnership with the whole food supplement company.

“We’re so proud to be a part of Colin O’Brady’s world first victory in Antarctica, helping support his nutrition journey to peak health,” says Charlie DuBois, Standard Process president and chief executive officer. “Fueled by passion, excellence and whole food nutrition, he continues to shatter seemingly impossible feats while inspiring others to begin their own health journey, no matter how big or small.”

Called “The Impossible First,” O’Brady is the first person to trek across Antarctica’s landmass solo, unaided and unsupported - a human-powered, man-hauling journey without resupplying or the use of wind aids. 

O’Brady needed to be in peak mental and physical condition to undertake this extreme 932-mile adventure, pulling a 375-lb. sled over icy terrain in total daylight, frigid -40° F temperatures and gusting 58-mile-per-hour winds. His biggest challenge while enduring these conditions was consuming a balanced, protein and calorie rich diet to burn between 8,000 and 10,000 calories a day. He also needed convenient, potable nutrition solutions that enabled him to keep down his sled weight.

O’Brady shares, “It is such an honor to partner with Standard Process, and I am proud to be a part of the company’s extended family. Their exceptional whole food nutrition and support played a critical role in helping me achieve this new world record, which is no longer impossible.”

As O’Brady’s exclusive nutritional supplement partner, the Standard Process Nutrition Innovation Center’s (NIC) team of integrative and functional clinicians, nutritionists and scientists developed his nutrition and whole food-based supplement plan, including an 8-month pre-journey preparation and training regimen, journey support and post-journey recovery assistance.

In addition, NIC produced the now famous “Colin Bar,” an organic, plant-based nutritional bar offering a proprietary blend of macronutrients, phytoactives and specialty slow release carbohydrates to provide O’Brady with optimal support. Containing 1,180 calories each, he consumed an average of three-and-a-half bars a day to further support his diet on the journey.

“It has been a remarkable experience to work with and help develop a customized nutrition, diet and training program to support Colin O’Brady while he traversed Antarctica’s landmass,” said Dr. John Troup, Standard Process vice president of clinical science, education and innovation. “In addition to being an exceptional athlete, his results during this amazing feat are a tribute to the power of whole food nutrition and supplements.”

Dubbed as the “Antarctica Ultramarathon” by O’Brady, he sprinted the last 80 miles after 32 hours without sleep and completed the challenge on December 26, 2018.

Following O’Brady’s record-setting achievement in Antarctica, NIC professionals conducted his post-journey clinical assessment. Results indicate that O’Brady had a less than 1% change in body fat and no muscle mass change 10 days post-expedition, providing an incredible testament to the importance and impact of functional whole food nutrition.

Standard Process opened the NIC in spring of 2018 at the Kannapolis, North Carolina Research Campus to improve human health and well-being through wholistic nutritional therapies, patient-centric clinical care and organic farming research.

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