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Standard Process First-of-Kind Nutrition Innovation Center Draws National Attention

Academic and clinical partnerships to drive innovation in nutritional therapy and develop new solutions for healthcare while advancing science of whole food nutrition.

Kannapolis, NC, Palmyra, WI (May 21, 2018) — With a mission to improve human health and well-being through whole-person clinical care, organic farming, and wholistic nutritional therapies, Standard Process officially opened its Nutrition Innovation Center on April 24. Over 120 people were on hand for the grand opening ceremony of this first-of-kind 10,000 sqft research and innovation facility, located on the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC), in the David H. Murdock Core Laboratory Building in Kannapolis, NC.
“Standard Process has been a leader and innovator in whole food nutrition since 1929,” said Charles DuBois, Standard Process president and CEO. “The Nutrition Innovation Center is the leading and only active clinical research center of its kind, dedicated to both mid- and long-term support of whole food clinical nutrition. We are excited about being in North Carolina, and being an active and productive contributor to the region.”
Speaking before the crowd of healthcare practitioners, local and state officials, media, and Standard Process employees were North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Dan Forest; William Pilkington DPA, MPA, MA, CEO and director of public health, Cabarrus Health Alliance; Mary Ann Lila, PhD, director, Plants for Human Health Institute and professor, North Carolina State University; John Troup, Standard Process vice president of clinical science, education and innovation; and Michael Klinker, Standard Process vice president and general counsel.
North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Dan Forest spoke of the opportunity to impact healthcare through nutrition therapy, as well as tweeting and posting his welcome and congratulations to Standard Process Inc. for choosing North Carolina for their Nutrition Innovation Center.
William Pilkington, D.P.A., MPA, MA, CEO and Director of Public Health, Cabarrus Health Alliance (CHA), spoke about the significant impact the center can have in advancing the understanding and utilization of nutrition in public health. CHA headquarters is at the gateway to the Nutrition Innovation Center and employs over 300 staff who provide a range of clinical services and opportunities for partnership in improving human health.
John Troup, PhD, Standard Process VP of clinical science, education and innovation, and head of the new Standard Process Nutrition Innovation Center said, “We selected the North Carolina Research Campus for its high level of technology, the insights available through partnerships, and the impact of accelerating commercialization into patient application to help change healthcare in America.”
Mary Ann Lila, PhD, Director, Plants for Human Health Institute and Professor, North Carolina State University, shared her excitement and said, “The synergies with Standard Process and the Nutrition Innovation Center are amazing. There is walk-across access here on the campus to some of the finest researchers and innovators in human health and whole foods.”
Following the ribbon cutting ceremony and facility tours was a three-hour seminar, “The Future of Integrative Healthcare,” featuring clinical experts from around the country.
Topics for the afternoon seminar, “The Future of Integrative Healthcare,” were:
  • All Trends Point to Wholistic, Integrative Health & Personalized Nutrition
    • Tom Aarts, MBA, Nutrition Business Journal
  • Discovering the Therapeutic Properties of Whole Foods
    • Mary Ann Lila, PhD, Director, Plants for Human Health Institute and Professor, North Carolina State University
  • Sustainable Agriculture That Supports Healthy Nutrition
    • Christine Mason, Standard Process, Inc., Organic Farm Manager
  • Integrating Nutrition in Healthcare, Leading Patient Care – What Will It Take?
    • John P. Troup, PhD, VP of clinical science, education and innovation
  • Nutrients That Influence Health Outcomes
    • Slavko Komarnytsky, PhD, North Carolina State University and Plants for Human Health Institute
  • Nutrient Density Overcomes Under-Nutrition of Key Health Condition
    • Bassem El Khodor, PhD, Standard Process Nutrition Innovation Center
  • The Role of Community Health Supporting Healthy Nutrition
    • William Pilkington, DPA, MPA, MA, CEO and Director of Public Health, Cabarrus Health Alliance
  • Transforming Clinical Practices with Nutrition (Panel):
    • Michelle Simon ND, PhD, Founder, Healthwise Integrative Nutrition, and Chair, Institute for Natural Medicine
    • Savita Srivastava, MD, Integrative Medicine Consulting Practitioner in Digestive Wellness
    • Andy Heyman, MD, Metabolic Medical Institute for Integrative Medicine and Founder, the Virginia Center for Health and Wellness
    • Jill B. Trull, DC, Chiropractic specialist practitioner, Kannapolis, NC
    • Tom Blue, The Institute for Functional Medicine
The Nutrition Innovation Center houses four major programs:
  • Discovery innovation research focused on preclinical, systems biology and cell models that advance information on targeted effects of phytonutrients and nutritional solutions;
  • A clinical development and research program defined by a coalition of collaborating clinical research sites that establishes a network for practice-based and case-observation studies conducted on a national basis;
  • A professional media and learning center providing the most advanced educational tools and capabilities for transforming healthcare practitioner education and training;
  • The Clinic of the Future, an integrative and functional clinical program bringing together multiple credentialed health professionals at one site, where training on the practical and relevant aspects of clinical nutrition therapies are offered for all levels of practitioners.


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