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Purification Program

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21-day Standard Process Purification Program

The 21-day Standard Process Purification Program isn’t just a cleanse diet. It’s a structured program that brings healthy lifestyle habits into focus.

It’s designed to purify, nourish, and help patients maintain a healthy body weight. It’s also easy to follow by eating whole foods, exercising, drinking nutritious shakes, and taking supplements made with whole food and other ingredients.

The menu includes a varied abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits for the first 10 days, with select proteins added on day 11. The supplements support the body’s ability to remove naturally occurring toxins. This promotes a state that allows for toxin release.*

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Customized Purification Kits

Choose from a number of different purification kits based on patient needs and your personal preferences.

Each kit contains: 

  • One bottle of SP Cleanse® capsules
  • One bottle of SP Green Food®capsules for phytonutrients* 
  • Two containers of SP Complete®, SP Complete® Chocolate, SP Complete® Vanilla or SP Complete® Dairy Free powder for nutritious supplement shakes
  • Two bottles of Gastro-Fiber®capsules or Whole Food Fiber powder 
    • Gastro-Fiber® is available in convenient capsule form, offering an easy way to receive 2%DV of dietary fiber for purification
    • Whole Food Fiber is available in powder form, providing a 11%DV of fiber for purification shakes

All ten purification program kits are gluten-free and vegetarian:

Vegetarian (lacto-ovo)
Please consult the actual product label for the most accurate product information.

Purification Program FAQs

By following the Standard Process Purification Program, you will be working toward sustained, long-term weight management. The ideal weight-management system is not a quick fix – it’s a long-term commitment. You will need to make lifestyle changes that will continue long after the purification process has been completed.

Here are some tips to help you stay on track:

  • Plan your strategy before you leave home.
  • When choosing a restaurant, select one that serves foods on the recommended list. This will curb temptation.
  • When traveling, bring along a cooler packed with water bottles, fresh fruit, and sliced raw vegetables.
  • When attending a social gathering, bring a dish to pass that fits your stage of the program, like a fruit/veggie tray or chicken kabobs.
  • For added convenience, SP Complete and Whey Pro Complete are available in single-serving packets.

These vegetables were selected for their high nutritive value and their capacity to support detoxification.

You may be fatigued because your body may require a higher amount of protein during purification and post-purification. Ask your health care professional about adding Whey Pro Complete to your program.

Remember to drink plenty of water, at least 64 ounces per day. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits with high fiber content. Eating one beet daily encourages regular bowel movements.

Whey is a protein source found in SP Complete, and lactose is a nutrient found in the whey. There is approximately ½ gram of lactose per shake. Try SP Complete Dairy Free if lactose is a concern.

It is vegetarian (lacto-ovo) but not vegan.

If you suspect you are having a reaction to a specific food, refrain from eating it, and consult your health care professional about how to incorporate alternative food sources.

You and your health care professional should work together during post-purification. Your health care professional may recommend supplements that are specific to your health concern.

Key Resources

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Program Guide (Spanish)


Daily Record of Food Intake


Toxicity Questionnaire


System Survey Form


Purification Recipe Booklet (Digital Only)


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