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VF Bio-Dent® for Pets Family

VF Bio-Dent® for Pets

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VF Bio-Dent® for Pets

Nutrition is a powerful tool to support pet oral health. VF Bio-Dent contains calcium, phosphorus, and manganese for support of the bony structures and connective tissue in the body, including the mouth. The formula also contains complex food-based ingredients that provide support for endocrine and immune system health.

VF Bio-Dent®

  • Contains many of the building blocks needed to support and maintain oral health
  • Provides systemic support that can help ensure an overall healthy mouth, especially in an orally challenged animal
  • Provides building blocks for young animals that are experiencing tooth and bone growth and development*

Indications for Use

  • Support for normal growth and development of bone and the oral cavity
  • Support for the health of oral tissues
  • Support for the oral cavity, particularly in times of stress

Dose Schedule

All cats, dogs<20 lbs.1 tablet 2x/day
Dogs 20-50 lbs.2 tablets 2x/day
Dogs>51 lbs.3 tablets 2x/day
VF Bio-Dent® for Pets, 90 Tablets, Rev 03 Supplement Facts Supplement Facts

Please consult the actual product label for the most accurate product information.

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