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How Nutrition Can Support Healthy Sleep And Mood

Many of us experience some kind of stress. It’s a normal, consistent part of life. However, when emotions are out of balance, they can present a number of challenges to the body.

Experts say that 3 out of 4 Americans report experiencing at least one stress symptom in the last month1

36% report feeling nervous or anxious

35% report irritability or anger

34% report fatigue due to stress

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Drenamin contains vitamins that are involved in healthy adrenal gland functions and the production of neurotransmitters associated with emotional balance*. It can also help support a healthy immune response function and energy production.*

Ashwagandha Forte

Ashwagandha Forte contains adaptogenic herbs and compounds used for stress support. It includes herbs that have been traditionally used in herbal preparations to improve general well-being, adapt to changes in everyday life, promote vitality and stamina and maintain healthy mood balance.*

Regardless of the type of stress, our bodies react with the same “fight-or-flight” response. When this happens, hormones are released – and they do not return to normal levels until the stress passes. If the stress does not pass, it can affect:2

  • the digestive system
  • metabolism
  • the cardiovascular system
  • the immune system
  • the integumentary system
  • the musculoskeletal system 
  • healthy sleep
  • emotional balance

One of the most common side effects of occasional stress is unhealthy sleep habits. Occasional stress keeps you from entering the deeper sleep stages in which the body repairs and grows tissue and supports a healthy immune system. The REM sleep stage in particular helps with healthy mood regulation and memory.2

Neglecting healthy sleep affects the whole body, especially the immune system and metabolism. However, a lack of sleep can be a stressor itself and can impact our mental health. It can become a vicious cycle if left unchecked.

The Importance Of Nutrition To Optimize Sleep

Stress places a greater demand on the body for oxygen, energy, and nutrients. Supporting the body with the right nutrition can not only help with occasional stress but also support healthy sleep and mood. 

A balanced diet can support a healthy immune system and the repair of damaged cells. It provides the extra energy needed to cope with stressful events. When diet alone isn’t giving you what you need, supplements like Drenamin and Ashwagandha Forte can be an easy way to get those nutrients into your body to help support occasional stress and mood.

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