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Integria Partnership

Standard Process and Integria Healthcare Sign 10-Year Extended Partnership Agreement


Palmyra, WI – (October 26, 2020) Standard Process and Integria Healthcare have reached a renewed 10-year partnership agreement intended to support health care practitioners with whole food-based and herbal supplements. Though they have worked together for 20 years, the new agreement is intended to foster deeper collaboration between the two companies.

“Standard Process and Integria Healthcare have a unique relationship in our industry because we combine the expertise of a leading whole food-based supplement company, and a leading herbal supplement company,” said Standard Process President and CEO Charlie DuBois. “As powerful as our past has been, our future looks even better.”

Standard Process remains the exclusive U.S. Distributor of MediHerb® — an Integria Healthcare practitioner brand. This new agreement will ensure continued U.S. availability of MediHerb products and see the two companies working together at the initial stages of product development.

“We are very proud to renew our contract together for a further 10 years. This builds on the wonderful legacy of a successful 20-year partnership and sets the scene for us to continue our important work together: supporting natural healthcare practitioners in delivering health and well-being outcomes for their patients,” said Integria Healthcare CEO Michael Bracka. “We look forward to a prosperous, health-focused future.”
The agreement was signed in September 2020, and will last until 2030. Beyond products, it will also feature enhanced collaboration that incorporates coordinated and integrated educational programs, marketing initiatives, and business expansion projects.
“My congratulations to MediHerb and Standard Process on the signing of this new 10-year agreement,” said Professor Kerry Bone, MediHerb Co-Founder. “I am so proud of what we have achieved together over the last 20 years, and to see this continue is inspiring. The ongoing commitment, focus and support of health care professionals in the U.S. by both companies is what makes this partnership both important and meaningful.”

To learn more about the partnership, view this video message from Standard Process President and CEO Charlie DuBois, Integria Healthcare CEO Michael Bracka, and MediHerb co-founder Kerry Bone: