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Charlie DuBois, Standard Process President and CEO, Receives Recognition from Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin

DuBois honored with Spartan Award during Annual Fall Experience Event


PALMYRA, Wis. (December 6, 2022) – Charlie DuBois, Standard Process President and CEO, was honored at Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin’s (CSW) 2022 Fall Experience with a Spartan Award — a designation that symbolizes steadfast dedication to chiropractic care. The event also marked CSW’s 10th anniversary. 

“The man behind Standard Process loves our profession,” said Dr. Steve Conway, Executive Director of the CSW. “So many chiropractors around the country have felt his positive impact. Everyone knows Standard Process, and everyone loves Charlie.”

“Everything Standard Process does is for the benefit of DCs and patients,” Conway continued “I see this firsthand.”

As a leading whole food-based nutritional supplement company based in Palmyra, Wisconsin, Standard Process has been working with health care professionals — including and especially chiropractors — since 1929. Standard Process has supported CSW since it was founded in 2012, and is currently the organization’s only top-tier Platinum Sponsor. 

“I am grateful to CSW for this honor,” DuBois said. “At Standard Process, our products change people’s lives. We are fortunate to have strong partnerships with so many chiropractors who care deeply about their patients’ health.” 

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About Standard Process Inc. 

Standard Process is a family-owned, third-generation company that has been a leader in making whole food-based supplements since 1929. From the company’s certified organic farm at its Palmyra, Wisconsin headquarters; to the Nutrition Innovation Center in Kannapolis, North Carolina; Standard Process is committed to clinical science that advances health and changes lives through whole food-based nutrition. Using regenerative farming practices and advanced manufacturing technologies designed to protect the vital nutrients found in each ingredient, Standard Process produces both raw materials and more than 300 high-quality supplements in its certified organic manufacturing facility. For more information about Standard Process and to find a health care professional who sells Standard Process products, visit