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Organic Hard Red Wheat Berries

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Organic Hard Red Wheat Berries

Full-flavored and deep-colored Organic Hard Red Wheat is ideal for eating as a grain. The grains (berries) can also be ground into whole wheat flour and used in whole wheat breads. It’s high in dietary fiber (5.5g), which supports digestion and promotes weight management. It is also a good source of magnesium (56mg), phosphorus (149mg) and zinc (1.25mg). Hard red wheat is full-flavored, deep colored, and high in gluten.

Making Flour from Hard Red Wheat

Hard Red Wheat flour can be used for a variety of recipes and is best ground at the medium to coarsest setting on the Lee Household Flour Mill. All stone mills can have potential challenges with grinding gluten-rich grains at the finest setting due to the stone gumming up. To make flour, simply pour the grains into the hopper, select your desired coarseness and mill until the hopper is empty.

Cooking Organic Hard Red Wheat Berries

Bring four cups of water and one cup of hard red wheat berries to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer and cover. Check tenderness after thirty minutes and every five minutes (up to 25 more) until done. Once done, drain any excess water and enjoy.

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