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Sports Products

Nutritional supplementation
for athletic performance and recovery

We're All on a Journey


There’s a competitor in all of us. A doer. A striver. A challenger who pushes until they become a champion. Nourish the inner athlete with Performance and Recovery Products from Standard Process – supplements that support the demands of training, competition, and recovery.

Don't settle for second best. Explore our Performance and Recovery Products below.

Performance & Recovery Products

Prepare with Performance Products

Training and competition challenge an athlete, physically and mentally. That's why the Performance Products deliver the nutrition to help prepare an athlete's body and mind.

Restore with Recovery Products

The Recovery Products are centered on recovery from competition and training. They provide support for muscles and joints, and help address the inflammatory response associated with strenuous exercise.

Content Product # Price
1 - Kit 16020 $198.50

Content Product # Price
1 - Kit 16050 $231.00

Content Product # Price
1 - Kit 16010 $198.50

Content Product # Price
1 - Kit 16040 $231.00

Explore Additional Standard Process Sports Products

Calcium Lactate

Calcium Lactate supports absorption of calcium and magnesium.*

Bottle of Calcium Lactate
Content Product # Price
90 Tablets 1865 $10.50
330 Tablets 1885 $25.50
800 Tablets 1900 $50.50


Cellular Vitality

Cellular Vitality supports the body as a whole, with specific emphasis on cellular processes.*

Bottle of Cellular Vitality
Content Product # Price
90 Capsules 2174 $45.50


Calcifood® Powder

Calcifood Powder supports calcium absorption.*

Bottle of Calcifood Powder
Content Product # Price
10 Ounces 1775 $58.50


Cataplex® D

Cataplex D supports bone health, mineral absorption, the immune system, and cellular processes.*

Bottle of Cataplex D
Content Product # Price
180 Tablets 3405 $21.00
360 Tablets 3410 $38.00



Ferrofood contains iron to support the body's need for this mineral.*

Bottle of Ferrofood
Content Product # Price
40 Capsules 4325 $10.50
150 Capsules 4375 $32.00


Ligaplex® I

Ligaplex I contains nutrients that provide acute ligament and muscle support.*

Bottle of Ligaplex I
Content Product # Price
150 Capsules 5225 $32.00


Glucosamine Synergy®

Glucosamine Synergy combines glucosamine, Boswellia serrata, and manganese to help maintain healthy joint function.

Bottle of Glucosamine Synergy
Content Product # Price
90 Capsules 4635 $33.00


OPC Synergy®

OPC Synergy supports antioxidant activity and supports cell functioning*

Bottle of OPC Synergy
Content Product # Price
40 Capsules 6090 $39.50

Rhodiola & Ginseng

MediHerb® Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex enhances vitality and stamina.*

Bottle of Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex
Content Product # Price
60 Tablets M1393 $48.00


Turmeric Forte

MediHerb® Turmeric Forte provides healthy inflammatory response.*

Bottle of Tuermic Forte
Content Product # Price
60 Tablets M1448 $36.50

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.