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Resale Policy of Standard Process Inc.®, Standard Process Veterinary Formulas™ and MediHerb® Products

We Value Our Health Care Professional Partners

Please make sure you understand our Resale Policy, as detailed below. This policy helps protect the integrity of your relationship with your patients as well as your partnership with Standard Process. Those relationships are what empower all of us to transform lives.

Standard Process Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliated entities (referred to as “Standard Process”, “we” or “us”) only sell Products to licensed health care professionals for direct resale to their patients. Health care professionals agree to professionally promote the Products and assist their patients with information and use of the Products. Health care professionals shall sell the Products only to their patients in unit volumes appropriate for individual use only. Health care professionals and their patients are expressly prohibited from reselling the Products via any third-party-facilitated retail or auction website such as eBay,,,,,, or similar websites. Standard Process reserves the right to discontinue sales of the Products to health care professionals or their patient(s) by not accepting a purchase order placed on Patient Direct by Standard Process™ (“Patient Direct”) (may not be available in your area) or at any time and for any reason.

Further, health care professionals (and each of their patients to the extent applicable) must:

  1. Create and maintain a valid patient/provider relationship and evaluate the nutritional needs of each patient to whom the health care professional sells Standard Process Products.
  2. Not resell Products to other health care professionals or businesses or individuals with whom no patient/provider relationship exists. This restriction applies to health care professionals and their patients.
  3. Accept responsibility for the actions of all employees, administrators, agents, contractors, or consultants associated with the health care professional’s practice and assure that such personnel comply with this policy.
  4. Not sell, solicit, or accept orders for Products via the internet or any e-commerce format, except through Patient Direct. This restriction applies to health care professionals and their patients.
  5. Control the use of the unique individual health care professional code assigned to you upon your registration for an account with Patient Direct. It is each health care professional’s responsibility to limit use of his or her individual code to authorized personnel only, and each health care professional agrees to be held liable for any use of his or her code by third persons. The health care professional agrees to promptly inform Standard Process if his or her code has been compromised.
  6. Not disclose, advertise, or promote the unique Patient Direct individual health care professional code on websites, through social media, including Facebook, Twitter, etc., or in any manner outside of the health care professional’s direct personal communication with a patient.
  7. Not advertise pricing information (including discounts, price reductions, or special promotions that directly or indirectly infer the inclusion of Products) to the general public in any promotional material (including but not limited to marketing materials, advertisements, websites, sponsored web links, emails, Twitter, Facebook, banner ads, titles, file names, etc.). Any advertisements, discounts, rewards programs, coupons, special offers, sales, promotions etc. must explicitly state "Not valid on Standard Process and MediHerb products," and Products must check out at suggested retail pricing. Patients being treated by the practitioner may receive discount pricing only in the practitioner's office. Sales to patients via Patient Direct may not be discounted. Standard Process recommends that all customers sell Standard Process Products at the suggested list price. This restriction applies to health care professionals and their patients.
  8. Not sell Products in a retail setting direct to the general public in any manner. Licensed pharmacies, health food stores, or other retail establishments must meet each of the following requirements to maintain an account: 1) There must be a face-to-face nutritional consultation by an in-house qualified health care professional; and 2) Products must be behind the counter and/or in a nonretail designated professional only area. This restriction applies to health care professionals and their patients.

This version of the resale policy is effective as of 5/20/16. Anyone failing to comply with this policy will face immediate termination of their account and/or further legal action. Standard Process reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. It is at the discretion of Standard Process to sell to whomever it chooses.

Please report all violators or abusers of this resale policy, or any Standard Process policies, to your sales representative/distributor or the Standard Process corporate headquarters at 800-848-5061.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.