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We’re Committed to Being a Leader

Sustainability and environmental stewardship have always been important at Standard Process. Our decision to use environmentally safe farming, manufacturing, and business practices underscores our interest in the health of the planet. 

Our commitment to environmental sustainability goes far beyond our organic farming practices, extending to the ways we can be more energy-efficient and create less waste on our 420-acre certified organic farm and in our 286,000-square-foot manufacturing plant and corporate headquarters.

Proactive About Environmental Responsibility

Standard Process’ sustainability efforts have the full support of corporate leadership, including President Charles DuBois, who signed an environmental policy statement in 2014 outlining the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Sustainability honors received by Standard Process include:

Expanding Our Focus

We are always looking for new ways to incorporate innovative ideas to make sure we are operating as efficiently and environmentally responsible as possible. Moving forward with these sustainable practices and Green Tier program efforts, we will continue our long tradition of corporate sustainability and social responsibility by focusing and expanding on:

  • Continuing compliance with all applicable rules and regulations
  • Identifying and implementing opportunities for additional energy conservation/reduction measures
  • Maintaining a formal environmental management system to help reduce environmental impacts and increase operating efficiency
  • Expanding beneficial reduce, reuse, and recycle efforts in all areas of production
  • Maintaining our certified organic farm

For more information about our Green Tier recognition or overall sustainability efforts, please contact: Rick Goetz, environmental engineering manager; Kathy Boettcher, quality control technical adviser/environmental coordinator; or Ann Holden, vice president of quality control.

Green Tier

Green Tier Recognition

Sustainability efforts recognized by the state of Wisconsin: We meet and exceed ...


Reducing and Recycling

We pack our supplements in 100 percent recycled paperboard boxes for protection ...



In all aspects of our company operations, we work to identify and implement ...



Using off-shift heating, ventilation, and air conditioning settings throughout the building results in energy savings ...



The goal of every organic farm is to increase fertility and improve soil health ...



We have implemented water reduction measures over the past few years that have ...

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