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Standard Process changes lives!

                                              We accomplish this in many ways from offering quality whole food
                                              nutrient solutions that improve the health of millions, to enhancing
                                              our employees’ lives through the family values and culture we
                                              implement daily. Since 1929, when our founder Dr. Royal Lee
                                              introduced our first product Catalyn, to presently offering more
                                              than 300 different products; our philosophy on nutrition has
                                              remained the same. Dr. Lee believed the best sources of vitamins
                                              and minerals are found in whole foods.

                                              Standard Process is committed to continual improvement of our
                                              farming operations and manufacturing capabilities. Our recent
                    expansion of Wisconsin organic farmland enables us to supply more than 80 percent of our raw
                    materials for our whole food based products. These raw materials are harvested, dried and then
                    carefully processed using the latest technology in our manufacturing facility, which is located less
                    than a mile from our farms. Every year we invest in more resources to provide the highest quality,
                    most innovative and efficacious products.

                    This year, we are very excited to announce the opening of our new Center of Excellence facility
                    for product research, educational services, and clinical trials. It will advance the science of whole
                    food nutrition therapy to a new level. This facility is committed to evolving the nutrition industry
                    and providing quality education to health care professionals. It will provide them with the latest
                    scientific evidence in order to help others improve their health.
                    I have spent more than 30 years of my life working within Standard Process. I am proud to be
                    the third generation of a family-owned-and-operated business that is focused on service to others.
                    I am motivated by the growth of our organization and I look forward to all that will come in the
                    next 30 years. The future awaits the fourth generation of Standard Process ownership.

                    Yours in health,

                    Charlie DuBois
                    President and CEO
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