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A Misleading Proposition

A number of Standard Process products shipped to California now carry a Proposition 65 label — what it means, and what it doesn’t

Updated March 11, 2022 — Standard Process creates safe, high-quality, whole food-based nutritional supplements — and has for more than 90 years. However, select products shipped to California will now carry a Proposition 65 warning on the label. 

Proposition 65, also known as Prop 65, is not a safety law. It’s a right-to-know that only applies in California. Its list contains more than 900 substances — many of which are found in common foods. For example, when the World Health Organization (WHO) examined a variety of foods, all but one of them showed detectable levels of lead: one of the listed substances, which is naturally present in soils. That includes foods like spinach, broccoli, apples, and cucumbers — staples of a healthy diet. 

Though all Standard Process products fall far below all federal daily allotted exposures for each listed substance, Prop 65 sets the warning exemption limit at 1/1000 of the safe harbor level. It’s not just confusing. It’s misleading. Perhaps this is why no other states, countries, or continents have adopted the proposition. 

Practically, Standard Process has no choice but to provide Prop 65 warnings on certain of our products out of an abundance of caution and the aggressive litigation climate in California. Though we strongly disagree that our products would require a notification of any kind, far too many Californians rely on our products — a population who has already become accustomed to seeing warning labels on plant-based foods that have been deemed healthy.  

As always, Standard Process products meet all food and product safety laws at federal and state levels. 

Our products are also manufactured according to current U.S. Good Manufacturing Practices. 

People can continue to take our supplements and enjoy their many benefits with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Proposition 65 (or Prop 65) is a right-to-know law that applies to products shipped to consumers in California. It has one of the most rigid warning standards in the world. There are more than 900 substances on the Proposition 65 list — many of which are part of the environment.  It does not apply in other states.

Standard Process products are safe, and have been for more than 90 years. We meet all food and product safety laws at federal and state levels, and our products are manufactured according to current U.S. Good Manufacturing Practices.

Some substances found on the Proposition 65 list are inherently found in the environment, including the soil in which our certified organic plants are grown. As a result, extremely low levels of these substances — that fall well below safety thresholds — may be detected at trace levels in our supplements. We do not intentionally add any Proposition 65-listed substances to our products.

Yes. Many common foods and nutritional supplements may contain listed substances, even if they are never intentionally added to any product formula.  

No other states have chosen to implement Proposition 65.

You can continue to take supplements as directed by the bottle, or by your health care professional. As always, your health care professional remains the best source of information for your personal health needs.