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About Us

            To attract bees, tree lines along the Standard Process farm are kept intact, and plants are blooming from spring to fall in a native
            pollinator garden. The habitat is home to more than 500 plants and 35 different varieties that attract insects to the farm.

                           The Standard Process Certified Organic Farm

                           Our founder, Dr. Lee, emphasized the importance of producing high-quality supplements
                           made with whole food ingredients. We are proud to be one of the few supplement
                           manufacturers that can assure quality ingredients by continuing our tradition of
                           growing many of our raw materials locally and organically.

            More than 80 percent of the raw plant             Organic Farming Methods
            ingredients used in our products are grown on     We use organic farming practices that have been part
            our 620-acre farm. We harvest 6.7 million pounds   of our culture for 90 years to ensure that the quality of
            of produce per year on the farm, which is located   our farmland is maintained for years to come. In
            just a mile down the road from our corporate      accordance with our organic certification, we follow
            headquarters. Standard Process has become a       strict guidelines to grow our crops and keep detailed
            respected leader in the regional and national     records of our farming practices. Our farmland is
            organic farming community.                        monitored annually by the Midwest Organic Services

                                                              Association (MOSA) to ensure that only approved
            Formed by glaciers, Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine    farming practices are used. At Standard Process, we are
            region contains nutrient-rich soil for our certified   involved from the moment a seed is planted through
            organic farm. It is here that we grow strong, vital   shipping the finished product to your door.
            plants for use in our supplements, including:

            ◆   Alfalfa             ◆   Kale
            ◆   Barley grass        ◆   Kidney beans
            ◆   Beets               ◆   Oats                    “ Whole food nutrition
            ◆   Broccoli            ◆   Parsley
            ◆   Brussels sprouts    ◆   Pea vine
            ◆   Buckwheat           ◆   Red clover flower        begins with sun, water,
            ◆   Celery              ◆   Spanish black radish
                                                                 and fertile soil.

                                                                 —Dr. Royal Lee

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