Page 11 - February 2019 Veterinary Product Guide
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For 90 years, Standard Process has provided health care professionals with high-quality nutritional supplements made   About Us
               with whole food and other ingredients.

               Animal tissue extracts and concentrates—             Whole Desiccates
               whole food ingredients derived from bovine,          Whole desiccates are tissues that have been dried
               ovine, and porcine sources                           to provide the nutritional content of the organ in
               The use of specific animal tissue has a long history at   a concentrated form.
               Standard Process. The first product based on a
               Protomorphogen  brand extract was introduced in      Botanicals—plants and plant extracts
               1952 and contained bovine heart PMG  extract. Why    with health-supporting properties
               do we start with glands and organs? These tissues are   Botanicals provide important constituents that
               inherently different from skeletal muscle. Organ     contribute additional support to the body’s
               meats have more DNA per gram than skeletal muscle,   systems by complementing the vitamins,
               different protein profiles, and different starting   minerals, and tissue concentrates found in whole
               concentrations of vitamins and minerals. All raw     food ingredients.*
               animal tissues are exclusively from U.S. Department
               of Agriculture (USDA)-inspected facilities.          Synthetic ingredients—a nutrient
                                                                    produced by chemical means
               Protomorphogen  Brand Extracts                       We know Dr. Lee included synthetics in his
               Continuing the pioneering work of Dr. Royal Lee,     original formulas to meet label claims and/or
               certain Standard Process products contain specific   enhance product effects. Historically and still
               Protomorphogen  brand extracts. Protomorphogen       today, this type of ingredient is used selectively.
               brand extracts are specific materials extracted from   Where synthetics appear, they have been added to
               animal glands and organs through a complex,          protect the complexity and synergistic design of
               multistep process to retain what Dr. Lee termed      the formula.
               “cellular determinants.” Current laboratory methods
               have confirmed that Protomorphogen  brand extracts
               contain minerals, nucleotides (the components of
               nucleic acids like RNA and DNA), and peptides (short
               chains of amino acids).

               Cytosol  Brand Extracts
               Cytosol  brand extracts are derived from the
               cytoplasm of selected organs and glands through a
               process similar to the Protomorphogen  extraction
               process. However, these extracts contain cellular
               factors such as hormone precursors and synergistic
               cofactors that are the biochemical building blocks
               essential to cellular metabolism.

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