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Purification Webinars and Videos


Learn how to become a successful Purification Warrior! This series of patient-facing webinars is designed to provide an overview of the purification program in the introductory webinar and then coach them as they purify in four additional sessions presented by Dr. Kimberly Besuden.


Need purification recipes? Enjoy these helpful shake and appetizer ideas! We’ll walk you through ways to give your fridge and pantry a healthy makeover. And find inspiration from people just like you whose lives have changed thanks to purification.



21-Day Purification Video Contest Winners

These original patient videos highlighted each entrant’s one degree of change since completing the 21-day purification program. The contest featured over $5,000 in prizes and drew many entries from throughout the United States. The one degree of change reported in the winning videos ranged from finding infinite energy to making a transition from processed foods to eating a rainbow of vegetables. Overall the positive messages came out loud and clear. People find the 21-day purification program is a great way to begin the journey to a world of healthy new habits.

To view all the winning videos, please use the playlist button in the top left corner of the video player or just click the play arrow to play the videos one by one starting with the grand prize winner.

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