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Partners in Practice

May 23, 2017

Why Your Practice Needs a Website

By: Stephanie Zgraggen, DC, MS, ACN, CNS, CCN

Why your practice needs a website.

If you are a holistic practitioner, chances are you have your own business. As a business owner myself, I understand the intricate nuances that go along with running a successful practice. It takes time and dedication to create a facility where your patients can seek treatment and begin their journey to health. You have taken the time to choose everything from the office location, interior design, staff, equipment, and much more to help your practice stand out from the rest.

You Need to Be Online

One area where many holistic practitioners are missing the boat is with their online presence, namely a website. When I travel the country educating practitioners, I am still amazed at how many offices do not have a business website. A website can be an inexpensive and fairly simple way for your practice to stand out from the rest in your community. In addition, a website can be a valuable tool to showcase your services, practitioners, and credentials as well as products offered at your practice.

Today more than ever, people are online. From computers, to tablets, to smartphones, there is no denying that we live in a digital age. When was the last time you popped online to search for the hours of your favorite store, make an online restaurant reservation, or buy someone a birthday gift? We are online almost every day, and hosting a website for your small business has many benefits that will improve not only the quality of your care and customer service but also your bottom line.

Benefits of an Online Presence

Accessibility: A website is working even when you or your staff are out of the office. Websites are accessible 24/7 and 365 days per year, which allows your patients or potential patients to learn about your services or schedule an appointment while they are in their pajamas and you are enjoying an evening at home.

Visibility and credibility: Since people are searching for companies and information online, having a website provides you with visibility. Even if your potential patients can find your practice down the street, if they can’t find you online, they will be more apt to schedule with the practice that is available online. A website also provides credibility in the sense that you are a real practice and not a fly-by-night business.

Growth: A website provides you with the ability to add ways to collect information from your site’s visitors. A great way to increase the growth of your practice and your database is to add a newsletter sign-up to your website. People may need to hear from you a few times before they are ready to take the next step to commit to your care, and your monthly newsletter can be the catalyst to take someone from casual website visitor to patient of the month!

Cost-effective: Websites are relatively inexpensive to build and maintain when compared to other methods of advertisement, such as print, radio, and television. You can add a blog to your site to introduce new and updated information that your patients will find useful. Also consider integrating social media outlets, such as Facebook® or Instagram ads, to increase website traffic and improve social proof for your branding.

A website for your small business has a myriad of benefits and can be fairly easy to set up and run. The beautiful thing is that once a website is up and running, it generally only requires minor tweaks here and there to keep it maintained. I hope this post will encourage you to take action and help your office get noticed!

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