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Partners in Practice

April 3, 2017

The Top 5 Tips for Building a Successful Practice

By: Lori Vashaw

To have a successful practice, you must lead by example, be an empathetic communicator, and be organized and focused. Here’s a breakdown of my top five tips for building a highly successful practice:

1. YOU are your practice! You must be your best client. You will never have a client more compliant than you are willing to be. Are you eating on program? Are you hydrated? Are you exercising? Are you taking your nutritional and herbal supplements? My clients always ask what I’m having for dinner, what supplements I take, and what I’m doing for exercise.  I’m always happy to report to them that I’m following the same guidance I give to them!

2. Prioritize self-care. This may sound unnecessary to some of you but the way in which you align yourself before showing up for work has a profound impact upon your practice and your success. We have all heard the old saying about self-care: You must fill your cup and nourish yourself before filling the cups of others.  I’m a firm believer in starting your day out by practicing meditation, exercise and self-care. How can we as practitioners teach others to live in a state of well-being if you aren’t in a state of well-being. You will be most credible to your clients if you are practicing what you preach! Including a balanced lifestyle that allows for self-care.

3. Be a compassionate listener. This is huge! We are never the first stop for our clients. We usually are the place where they end up when they have exhausted all other resources. You must listen to their stories. You must be compassionate for what they have been through and how long it has taken. Chances are that many of your clients have not had good experiences in other offices. Make their experience with you an experience of a lifetime!  Listen, assess, offer simple solutions to their problems and follow up and follow through. The clients will respect you and comply with the recommendations. They will feel like someone actually listened and cared. Always remember that we are given one mouth and two ears for a reason.

4. Educate slowly and deliberately. Don’t talk too much at the visit, especially your first visit. Offer reading materials, etc. When you talk too much it show a lack of confidence with your subject matter. You don’t need to explain everything that you know. Your clients don’t care what you know until they know how much you care. Make this your priority. Keep your explanations short, your words wise, and your sense of caring very deep. This is the way that you will grow your practices.

5. Be organized, on time, focused, and efficient. Be prepared to do an amazing nutritional consultation. Have your tools on hand and ready to go so that you are not fumbling to find the papers you need. Be on time. How have you felt when you have waited 20 or more minutes for a provider to see you? This creates a sense of inefficiency before you even meet. Be on time, be on purpose and be ready to fully engage with your client during the visit. The client in front of you is the only one that matters at that moment. Don’t be on your cell phone or looking out the window. Don’t be in a conversation with anyone else. The person in front of you is the only one that matters at that moment.   

There are many systems and tips that can help you grow incredibly successful practices. This is my short list. Do these things first and the rest will come in time. Give your clients 100 percent of what you have to give them, 100 percent of the time. Book your schedule so that you don’t burn out, and enjoy the rewards of a very successful practice!

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