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June 12, 2017

Standard Process Introduces New Capsule-Filling Machine

New Capsule-Filling Machine at Standard Process

Approximately three years ago, representatives from Fette Compacting, the world’s premier manufacturer of tablet equipment for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, approached Standard Process to share their intention to enter the capsule-filling market.

“Because of their respect for our operators and maintenance staff, Fette wanted to pick our brains regarding what an ‘ideal’ capsule filler would look like,” said Scott Anderson, director of operations at Standard Process.

Fette’s team collaborated with Standard Process machine operators and maintenance staff. Peggy Race and Andy Holtz, managers of the capsuling and maintenance departments, were sent to Fette’s German headquarters to help run trials and provide feedback on the prototype for the new FEC40 capsule filler.

Based on feedback from the Standard Process team, Fette made improvements to the equipment.

“It was a good collaborative effort,” Scott said. “We felt we were listened to, and they did incorporate some of our suggestions throughout the project.”

The FEC40 is a true workhorse of a machine. It can fill up to 400,000 capsules per hour. Compared to the current capsule capacity of 150,000 per hour, this machine will help Standard Process meet future demands by making a quality product more efficiently than what is currently possible.

The relationship between the two companies began when Standard Process bought the first FE75 tablet press sold in the United States and, as described by Scott, is built on trust and respect.

“The fact they thought so highly of our staff says a lot about our people at Standard Process,” Scott said.

“I am incredibly proud of our team. People are our greatest asset. It shows, and it’s recognized. This project has meant a lot to me.”

The ingredients and capsule materials themselves won’t be changing, so customers will not see a change in the high-quality supplements.

Installation of the new machine was recently completed, and Standard Process will conduct beta testing for approximately three months. If all goes well, the machine will then be officially purchased.

The FEC40 capsule filler is the first of its kind in the U.S.

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