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Partners in Practice

April 20, 2017

Office and Staff Evaluation: A Checklist

By: Lori Vashaw

How does your office feel? Are your staff members your #1 fans?

Your office and staff are a direct reflection on you as a health care professional and a person. I would challenge you to go into work tomorrow with fresh eyes and evaluate your physical office space and those you share it with. Be honest with yourself and be ready to change the things that need to be changed. Your practice will see the immediate rewards of your efforts.
How many of these items can you check off your list?

My office is:

  • Clean
  • Organized
  • Efficient
  • Warm and inviting
  • Attractive
  • Well lit
  • Smells pleasant and has appropriate noise levels
  • Provides guests and patients with refreshing beverages like water and tea
  • Freshly painted, with clean and attractive flooring
  • Clean, especially in the restrooms
  • Easy to find with attractive signage
  • Set up to have resource materials available while clients wait or to sign out and take home
  • A place where you want to spend your days
If your office isn’t a place where you want to spend your days, then why would anyone else want to be there? Make your office as comfortable as your home. My office is my second home and I love the way that it looks, smells, and feels!

What about your staff? Ideally, they are:
  • On a wellness program
  • Your cheerleaders and number 1 fans
  • Walking the talk
  • Organized, clean and efficient
  • Warm and welcoming
  • Honest, kind, loyal and compassionate
  • Happy and smiling
  • Professional
  • Clear about your expectations
  • Clear about their role in your practice
  • Clear about your goals and vision
Your staff is your greatest resource beyond your knowledge and skill set. If your staff is not meeting your needs or the practice needs, then perhaps it’s time to have a meeting to redefine your expectations. I have worked with many practitioners through the years that have had staffing issues that caused a problem with the growth of the practice. 

My staff is 100 percent on board with my mission, vision, goals, dreams, desires and the expectations that I have for them. If I have a problem with a staff member, I address it immediately. In over 14 years of practice I have only had to let two staff members go because they were behaving in a way that could negatively impact the practice. I treat my staff very well and offer an employee wellness program that covers the supplements that they need to take and provides free care for them and their immediate family members. As a result, I have staff members that have been with me and my practice for many years.

My staff embodies all of the things mentioned in the list above. They love and appreciate their role in the practice and the parts that they play in helping our clients achieve wellness.

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