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Standard Process Inc. Launches Gluten-Free Version of its Flagship Product

With Catalyn GF, health care professionals now have two Catalyn options for their patients 


PALMYRA, Wis. (July 11, 2012)—For a growing number of people, gluten-related health issues are detrimentally affecting their diet and overall health. And, gluten free diets can cause them to miss out on certain nutrients available in foods that contain gluten. To help bridge these nutritional gaps, Standard Process Inc. now offers Catalyn GF, a multifood-based vitamin free of gluten and packed with vital nutrients to support a healthy body.*

In Catalyn GF, Standard Process replaces defatted wheat germ, the original formula’s only gluten-containing ingredient, with rice bran. The switch preserves the use of a whole food ingredient while the rest of Catalyn’s unique product formula remains intact. The supplement’s complexity and function, which it is well known for, is also unchanged.

“Eating an optimal diet is difficult enough without any dietary restrictions,” says David Barnes, Ph.D., director of research and development at Standard Process. “Catalyn GF helps support the nutritional needs of those who cannot consume gluten.*”

To learn more about Catalyn GF and original Catalyn, visit the Catalyn GF product page.