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Let’s Talk About Men’s Health

Men's Health

Are your male patients concerned about their health as they age? Consider nutritional and herbal supplements from Standard Process and MediHerb that provide foundational support for male reproductive system health and function.

Men’s Health Support

Symplex M

Symplex® M

Supports the healthy function of the testes and the adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands.*

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90 Tablets 7830 $19.00
360 Tablets 7835 $65.00



Supports male reproductive system health and healthy prostate gland function.*

Content Product # Price
150 Capsules 6640 $44.50



Supports physical endurance and promotes vitality, stamina, and an overall feeling of well-being.

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40 Tablets M1445 $49.50

Connect Over Email
Pre-written patient email

Looking for an easy way to reach out to patients about men’s health? We’ve done the work for you!

Simply share our pre-written email message with your customer email list. Start the connection today!

Use the subject line:
Men: Concerned About Your Health as you Age?



Program Literature

Let's Talk About Men's Health

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1 - Display Insert L1312 $0.00

Get Your Personal Recommendation For Men's Health

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1 - Brochure, 25 pack L1311 $0.00

June Appointment Card

Download and print these handy cards to schedule appointments with your patients. There is a card for each Monthly Health Focus topic to remind your patient about their upcoming visit.


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