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Let’s Talk About Seasonal Stresses

Seasonal Stresses

Do your patients experience seasonal stresses? Support and strengthen natural defense systems with nutritional and herbal supplements from Standard Process and MediHerb.*

Seasonal Support

Seasonal, environmental, and other stresses can affect the body’s natural defense systems. When you don’t feel well, it can adversely affect your:

  • Daily work
  • Sleep
  • Exercise habits

Support the immune system with nutritional supplements that can help strengthen seasonal defenses and overall health.*

Quality Supplements for Seasonal Stresses


Allerplex is a unique blend of nutrients designed to support:

  • Healthy respiratory function and liver health
  • The body’s response to seasonal, environmental, and dietary stressors
  • The body’s natural ability to manage mucus movement*
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150 Capsules 1000 $27.50
40 Capsules 0975 $9.00

Albizia Complex

Albizia Complex is a combination of herbs that:

  • Support a healthy respiratory and immune system response
  • Assist in maintaining healthy breathing passages
  • Help the body respond normally to occasional seasonal stresses*
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40 Tablets M1100 $29.50

Program Literature

Let's Talk About Seasonal Stresses

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Get Your Personal Recommendation For Seasonal Stresses

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