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Catalyn® Changed Everything

Download the e-book to discover how Catalyn became the catalyst for the whole food supplement movement.

Products come and go, but few pioneer a movement.

Back in 1929 Standard Process founder Dr. Royal Lee introduced Catalyn, America’s first dietary supplement made with whole food and other ingredients, as a direct response to the nutritional challenges caused by the refined food diet.

That little tablet launched not only Standard Process (then known as Vitamin Products Co.) but also what became the whole food supplement movement.

In our “Catalyn Changed Everything” 24-page e-book, you will discover:

  • What inspired Dr. Royal Lee to develop Catalyn
  • What makes the formula behind Catalyn so special and relevant to today’s health issues
  • How it can benefit the health of your patients*

The processed food diet, otherwise known as the standard American diet, is wreaking havoc on a daily basis. Download your free copy of “Catalyn Changed Everything” to find out how you can transform the health of your patients.

Catalyn Changed Everything

You’ve heard of Catalyn. Now learn its fascinating story.

Catalyn Changed Everything

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