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Neuroendocrine Health*

These core MediHerb® products provide a range of herbal solutions to suit the individual needs of your patients.

Watch a short video guiding you through the body's biological response to stress via the HPAT axis.

Supporting Neuroendocrine Health
Content Product # Price
1 - Guide/Handout L00037 $0.00

Stress Assessment
Content Product # Price
1 - Practice Tool L7127 $0.00

Adrenal Complex

Adrenal Complex helps the body adapt to the challenges of everyday life and reduce the effects of stress on the body, through a combination of two traditional tonics, Licorice Root and Rehmannia rhizome.*

Bottle of Adrenal Complex
Content Product # Price
40 Tablets M1050 $24.50
120 Tablets M1055 $66.00

Adrenal Tonic Phytosynergist®

Adrenal Tonic Phytosynergist™ contains herbs that are traditionally used to promote healthy adrenal gland function and facilitate the body's normal response to occasional stress.*

Bottle of Adrenal Tonic Phytosynergist
Content Product # Price
200 mL (6.8 fl oz) M4405 $72.00

Ashwagandha Complex

Ashwagandha Complex helps maintain feelings of general well-being when experiencing temporary stress, promote vitality and support healthy mood balance.*

Bottle of Ashwagandha Complex
Content Product # Price
40 Tablets M1630 $34.50
120 Tablets M1635 $96.00

Bacopa Complex

Bacopa Complex combines the herbs Bacopa, Schisandra, Eleuthero and the essential oil of Rosemary to enhance mental clarity and support healthy cognitive function.*

Bottle of Bacopa Complex
Content Product # Price
40 Tablets M1130 $28.00


Eleuthero is traditionally used to support physical and mental endurance and to enhance healthy immune system function, along with acting as a tonic to assist in the maintenance of general well-being.*

Bottle of Eleuthero
Content Product # Price
60 Tablets M1410 $22.00

Kava Forte

Kava Forte contains Kava root extracted with 100% water to provide a full spectrum of the important kavalactone compounds, which supports muscle relaxation and eases the effects of temporary tension and stress.*

Bottle of Kava Forte
Content Product # Price
40 Tablets M1345 $62.00

Nevaton® Forte

Nevaton Forte contains a combination of Saffron, Schisandra, St John’s Wort and Skullcap, which are used traditionally to calm the nerves and restore balance in temporary mood swings.

Bottle of Nevaton Forte
Content Product # Price
40 Tablets M1381 $28.50

Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex

Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex contains a combination of Rhodiola rosea root and Panax ginseng root that have both been traditionally used as energy tonics to benefit the whole body and support healthy physical and cognitive performance.*

Bottle of Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex
Content Product # Price
60 Tablets M1393 $48.00

Rhodiola & Schisandra

Rhodiola & Schisandra is a blend of Rhodiola rosea root and Schisandra chinensis fruit which have been traditionally used to help the body during times of stress with specific support for the liver and nervous system.*

Bottle of Rhodiola & Schisandra
Content Product # Price
40 Tablets M1394 $25.50

Thyroid Complex

Thyroid complex contains a combination of Bladderwrack whole plant, Ashwagandha and Bacopa to support healthy thyroid function important for normal energy production.*

Bottle of Thyroid Complex
Content Product # Price
40 Tablets M1435 $30.00
120 Tablets M1437 $85.00

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.