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Support Immune System Function and Internal Defenses

MediHerb® is excited to introduce innovative solutions to address special immune system challenges presented by our environment. These new products are specifically formulated to support immune system function and internal defenses.*

Receive a free counter display when you order Artemisinin Complex, Myrrh Forte or Viranon!

Purchase one bottle of Artemisinin Complex (M1117), Myrrh Forte (M1600) or Viranon (M1456) from September 5 through November 30 and receive a free counter display along with one pack each of the new Artemisinin Complex/Myrrh Forte and Viranon brochures.

Use promo code XIMMDS when ordering. Conditions apply.

†Offer valid September 5 – November 30, 2017 or while supplies last. One counter display per order and per customer. Offer good for online, phone, fax, and email purchases and does not apply to drop shipment purchases. Promotion only good during promotional period. Product must be purchased in a single order to be eligible. Display may not ship directly with product order; allow two weeks for delivery. All other charges will apply (minimum order fee, c.o.d. fees, etc.) The bottle of Artemisinin Complex pictured with the display is not included in the promotion. Get one counter display along with one 25-pack of the Artemisinin Complex/Myrrh Forte brochure and one 25-pack of the Viranon brochure with the purchase of one bottle of Artemisinin Complex, Myrrh Forte, or Viranon. Please check with your local distributor for participation and other conditions.

Immune System Challenges Counter Display

Artemisinin Complex

Artemisinin Complex combines Sweet Wormwood with Sarsaparilla. These herbs work together to support normal flushing of natural toxins from the body and encourage healthy functioning of the organs of elimination.*

Content Product # Price
90 Tablets M1117 $50.00

Myrrh Forte

An important component of new Myrrh Forte is the alcohol-soluble resin of Myrrh. Myrrh resin contains many substances, including the commiphoric acids that help support healthy digestion and respiratory health. The unique form of Myrrh allows for the same pulsed dosing used in clinical trials.*

Content Product # Price
60 Tablets M1600 $29.50


Viranon contains Thuja, St John’s Wort and Licorice to encourage the body’s normal healthy defense system by supporting healthy immune system function, regulation and response.*

Content Product # Price
90 Tablets M1456 $51.00

Tools available for you and your patients


Supporting Immune System Function and Internal Defenses Handout

Content Product # Price
1 - Guide/Handout L0333 $0.00

Immune System Challenges Display Insert

Specialized Immune System Support Display Insert

Content Product # Price
1 - Display Stand Insert L0738 $0.00

Artemisinin Complex and Myrrh Forte

Artemisinin Complex and Myrrh Forte Brochure

Content Product # Price
1 - Brochure, 25 pack L0626 $0.00


Viranon Brochure

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1 - Brochure, 25 pack L0628 $0.00

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.