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Colin O'Brady

Colin O'Brady

Impossible No More!

Impossible no more! Congratulations Colin on your 4th world record! You’ve greatly inspired us and conquered something no one has done before - trekking 932 miles across Antarctica solo, unsupported, and unaided in 54 days. You are a true motivation for anyone on their own journey, big or small. #SPjourney

Media Coverage

NBC Nightly News(January 9)
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NBC News Uncut Studio Interview

MSNBC News (January 10)
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Chasing The Impossible #SPJourney

The Shackleton Expedition, AKA The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition: 932 miles, a 10,000-foot climb, and an average temperature of -22 degrees Fahrenheit. Only a handful of people have attempted the trek across Antarctica unassisted and unaided. And now, one man has become the first to successfully complete it.

Colin O’Brady, a man who was told he may never walk normally again after suffering severe burns on nearly 25% of his body, has conquered The Impossible First, crossing Antartica, solo, unaided, and unassisted.

He's a four-time world record holder for summiting the highest points on all 7 continents and reaching the highest point in all 50 U.S. states, both in record times, but Shackleton has nothing to do with speed and everything to do with endurance. Nutrition was the key to his success. That’s why he’s partnered with Standard Process to develop a research-backed supplement strategy to integrate with his own nutritional strategy. Because no matter your journey, from a 1,000-mile impossible expedition, to running a 5K, or taking your first steps back to better health, Standard Process is there to support you along the way.

Colin O'Brady Chases the Impossible with Standard Process Supplements

Colin's Products

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