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Tag: Dr. Bruce Bond

General nutrition: Are you eating right?

We all need a balanced diet for optimal nutrition, health, and well-being. For many people, however, a healthy diet is hard to achieve. We spoke with Dr. Bruce Bond about the nutritional challenges that many patients face and how supplements can help fill nutritional gaps.*

Seasonal Stresses Q&A: How You Can Get Relief

Seasonal stresses can arise as early as February, depending on weather factors and your regional climate. We spoke with Dr. Bond about seasonal stresses, and how nutritional and herbal supplements can help you prepare for these challenges.*

Immune System Health: Are you up for the challenge?

Your immune system faces challenges every day. According to Bruce Bond, DC, DACBN, the stress of daily life can put a strain on our bodies. It is important to make positive lifestyle changes that will help support a strong immune system.

We talked with Dr. Bond about some of these tips, as well as how nutritional and herbal supplements can prepare you for daily stressors.*


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