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Seasonal Stresses Q&A: How You Can Get Relief

Seasonal Stresses Q&A: How You Can Get Relief

Seasonal stresses can arise as early as February, depending on weather factors and your regional climate. For instance, mild winter temperatures can lead to early production of plant pollen.

According to Bruce Bond, DC, DACBN, seasonal stresses can make you feel miserable and wreak havoc on your daily life. Now is the time to talk about nutritional and herbal supplements that can help support natural defense systems.*  

We spoke with Dr. Bond about seasonal stresses, as well as how nutritional and herbal supplements can help you prepare for these challenges.*

Q: How do seasonal stresses affect your patients?
A: My patients come in and say they are miserable. When you have seasonal change with certain substances floating around in the air, many people find they have trouble handling external stressors. They want relief immediately.

Q: What role do supplements play?
A: With Standard Process and MediHerb® products, we’re supporting how the body responds to seasonal stresses as opposed to forcing the body to respond. Over-the-counter medications mandate a response and force a biochemical reaction that can mask symptoms. Even though you may feel better for the moment, there may be more you can do to address how your body responds to these challenges.*

Q: What products do you recommend for seasonal stresses?
A: In my clinical experience, I find that Allerplex® supports the body’s ability to deal with seasonal stresses. The unique ingredients support not only healthy lung and respiratory system function but also healthy liver function.*

Albizia Complex assists in maintaining healthy breathing passages and supports free and clear breathing. In my clinical experience, Allerplex feeds key areas of the body to help deal with seasonal stresses, while Albizia Complex helps address symptomatic relief. The herbs have to be part of it from a practice standpoint as patients really need both products.*

Bruce Bond, DC, DACBN, is a cum laude graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. Dr. Bond is a graduate of National University of Health Sciences (formerly National College of Chiropractic). 

Dr. Bond practiced just outside Cleveland for 22 years and has been educating and empowering physicians nationally for 15 years. Dr. Bond currently works at his son’s clinic, Bond Chiropractic in Melbourne, Florida, as a certified chiropractic physician’s assistant where he sees patients and helps them to add “life to their years.”

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