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East Meets West - Complementing Chinese Medicine with Whole Food Nutrition

Your acupuncturist peers are discovering that when they combine nutritional supplements with acupuncture and herbs they get better, faster results. With your patients facing greater environmental and life stressors than ever before, providing nutritional support has never been more critical. Since 1929 Standard Process has delivered nutritional supplements made with whole food and other ingredients and the science to back their efficacy. Reinforcing Chinese herbal medicine’s approach to synergistic healing, our formulas include a balanced blend of whole food nutrients from plant, mineral, and animal origin as well as herbs and other ingredients. 

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Digestive Allies

Digestive Allies

Discover a trio of whole food nutrient solutions designed to deliver comprehensive digestive aid to your patients.

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Acupuncture Top 10

Learn more about our top 10 products for acupuncturists and discover how they can reinforce Chinese herbal medicine’s approach.

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