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National Honors Given to Standard Process Inc. Wellness Program

Company achieves the highest honor from the Wellness Council of America

PALMYRA, Wis. (February 17, 2014)—The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA), with local affiliate Wellness Council of Wisconsin, selects Palmyra-based Standard Process Inc. as a recipient of WELCOA’s Platinum Well Workplace Award. The platinum award is the highest honor WELCOA presents. It is earned by companies who distinguish themselves as leaders and innovators in workplace health promotion. Standard Process was one of 13 companies, and the only manufacturing company, nation-wide to receive the platinum award level.

“There is an art and science to designing a results-orientated workplace wellness program,” commented David Hunnicutt, Ph.D., president of WELCOA. “Standard Process has mastered this art and science by demonstrating its program has advanced employee health, reduced health care costs, and improved productivity and morale.” 

In 1998, Standard Process employees began a walking program. The program systematically evolved into a unique wellness program, based on four core pillars: chiropractic care, nutritional care, physical activity and education. Going beyond the 24/7 fitness center and work-out incentive concepts, the program provides work-life balance through a variety of initiatives, including on-site chiropractic care and a highly nutritious Whole Food Court where employees can eat healthy, subsidized meals.

For 7 years, Standard Process Health and Wellness Manager Kevin Setnes, has administered the company's award-winning wellness program.

Cultivate by Standard Process is led by Jerry Curtin, former Standard Process director of human resources.

To validate the Standard Process wellness program, the company’s Research and Development department conducted a 10-year study. The study showed a comprehensive worksite wellness program could improve overall employee health and help reduce company costs. Among the study’s key wellness findings:

  • 60 percent of employees in the program had perfect work attendance, helping to provide stability to the growing company.
  • A 24 percent decrease in participating employee short-term disability costs
  • A 12 percent decrease per participant in hospital, procedural and drug costs
  • Employee turnover rate, over the course of 10 years, reduced to less than three percent
  • Injury rates across the company are consistently among best in class

“Our 10-year study on employee wellness demonstrates that when given the right tools, engaged employees can make a significant difference in a company’s health care costs,” says Kevin Setnes, health and wellness manager at Standard Process. Setnes has overseen the administration of the company wellness program since 2007, after having joined the company in 2003 as fitness specialist.

WELCOA award status is relevant for three years. Standard Process had previously earned the Gold Well Workplaces award in 2007.

Encouraged by its own success, Standard Process set out to duplicate its formula for employee wellness for other companies. This month, Standard Process launched Cultivate by Standard Process. Cultivate is the first company of its kind to provide corporations with scalable wellness solutions to impact individual employees and overall company health by using onsite chiropractic care as a central component of the program. 

“Chiropractors offer a comprehensive approach to wellness, going well beyond traditional perceptions,” says Curtin, president and general manager of Cultivate. “Every company performs better when people are healthy. We bring solutions that help the business by helping the individual.”

Cultivate by Standard Process is available for organizations of all sizes and industries. For more information, visit


About Standard Process Inc.

For 85 years, Standard Process has been dedicated to the field of nutritional supplements and the whole food philosophy introduced by its founder, Dr. Royal Lee. Standard Process, headquartered in Palmyra, Wis., offers more than 300 high-quality supplements with whole food ingredients through three product lines: Standard Process whole food supplements, Standard Process Veterinary Formulas and MediHerb herbal supplements. The products are available only through health care professionals.

To ensure its supplements are of the utmost quality, Standard Process grows the majority of its ingredients on company-owned, organically certified farmland. To retain vital nutrients within each ingredient, the company uses exclusive manufacturing processes and employs high quality control standards, including adhering to the Food and Drug Administration’s good manufacturing practice requirements.

In 2014, Standard Process launched Cultivate by Standard Process, a new business which provides corporate wellness offerings to other companies. Cultivate works to assess and then deliver scalable wellness solutions to impact individual employees and the overall company using onsite chiropractic as a central component of the program. 

Standard Process has been named a Top Workplace in Southeastern Wisconsin multiple times and is a member of the Inc. 5000 Honor Roll. For additional information about Standard Process, visit

About Standard Process Inc.

Standard Process is the visionary leader in whole food nutrient solutions. Based in Palmyra, Wisconsin, Standard Process offers more than 300 high-quality supplements...

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